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The decor wallpaper rolls shown here are all 10 fm long and 53 cm wide, which you can order from our online store with HUF 0 shipping.

Choose between the vlies wallpaper and the paper wallpaper collection and get the most beautiful one for your apartment. If naturalness is important to you in every respect, then the non-woven wallpaper type has a positive effect in your home. vlies wallpaper is a modern wallpaper made of natural, wool fiber material, which only has good properties. Its tensile strength is extraordinary, they are made in lifelike, structured patterns, their water resistance is excellent and they are also thermally insulating to a small extent.

The advantage of wallpaper is that you can work with it quickly, a cheap and easy solution if you want to bring a little innovation to the room. Renovating an apartment using design wallpaper can be an easy solution.

Nowadays, it is also fashionable not to have the entire wall surface wallpapered< /strong>, but smaller wallpaper strips are placed on the wall, which add cheerfulness, elegance and style to our home.

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Non-woven wallpaper or paper wallpaper? Who is it recommended for?

  • The advantage of paper wallpaper is that it is slightly cheaper than non-woven wallpaper. And cheap wallpaper is a consideration for many when we are about to buy wallpaper.
  • The light material of paper wallpaper is beneficial when the surface is such (not completely flat ), that the application and maintenance of the heavier non-woven wallpaper can be a problem. On old walls, paper wallpaper may be a better choice than modern fleece wallpaper. Of course, this always depends on the quality of the surface.
  • The paper wallpaper may shrink a little after gluing, which can lead to annoyance. The back side of the paper wallpaper must be coated with glue and wait a while until it soaks the surface of the wallpaper, and only then can it be attached to the wall. Therefore, paper wallpaper, in addition to non-woven wallpaper, offers more difficult gluing, so we should work with a specialist first.
  • Abrasion resistance of paper wallpaper it is worse compared to non-woven wallpaper.

Vlies wallpaper is the perfect wallpaper for newly built houses and apartments.

  • The base material is vegetable based, i.e. made of cotton fiber and cellulose, in an endless amount of patterns, colors and styles. The non-woven wallpaper is therefore also environmentally friendly.
  • The vlies wallpaper is also waterproof and somewhat heat-insulating.
  • The material is thicker than the material of paper wallpapers, so it is much more durable, its abrasion resistance is very strong.
  • The vlies wallpaper is stronger and more flexible than the paper wallpaper, so it is recommended for example in attic rooms or where the plasterboard can move and crack due to slight movements. The non-woven wallpaper withstands such "creasing" well. Non-woven wallpaper is therefore a long-term, safe solution for every room.
  • Applying non-woven wallpaper is easier than paper wallpaper: you only need to glue the wall, not the back of the wallpaper. A very convenient covering solution, even on the ceiling.
  • Due to the type of fixation of non-woven wallpaper, it can be easily removed if necessary. While paper wallpaper can only be removed in pieces after wear, Vlies wallpaper can be easily removed from the wall with its continuous surface. This is a huge advantage when you have to do some work or repair in the wall. The non-woven wallpaper can be removed when dry, and then re-glued after the work is finished.
  • The Vlies wallpaper has very good moisture permeable properties, allowing moisture and moisture in the wall to pass through. This is extremely beneficial when we want to somehow make a room prone to mold more beautiful. Cotton fiber wallpaper will not get moldy.

Applying the wallpaper

When the time has come to wallpaper, proper preparations are essential. The first is to remove the old wallpaper from the wall. The wall must be smooth, dry, and have a homogeneous color. In the case of Vlies wallpaper, the special wallpaper adhesive can be applied to the wall. Do not under any circumstances use waste paper. For non-woven wallpaper, we must buy glue for cotton fiber wallpaper. The glue for traditional paper wallpaper will not be suitable for gluing the cotton fiber Vlies wallpaper. Wait until the glue dries or seeps into the wall, filling any holes. A direct wallpaper roller or glue roller is sufficient as a tool, with which we will perfect its application.

It is always worth starting wallpapering next to the window or the door, since this is where the focus of the room will be. Always work from top to bottom, then from the inside out. The surface coated with glue should always be about 20 cm wider than the wallpaper strip. Below, at the bottom of the wall, cut off the unnecessary wallpaper stripe.

Pay attention to the pattern if you have chosen such a wallpaper. Placing two strips of wallpaper next to each other is especially important in this case. But don't worry, the good thing about Vlies wallpaper is that if you mess up the patterns, you can easily take them off and start over.

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