Treadmill available in various colors, sizes, patterns and styles.

Fixed size cut treadmill and rolled treadmill which can be ordered in any number of running meters. You can find the perfect running mat for home, office, hotel, dormitory and any other institution. Fluffy and soft running rugs create a homely, friendly and warm, inviting atmosphere in corridors, hallways and public spaces.

Fluffy shaggy running rug with long fibers for the home.

In institutions, an easy-to-clean, short-filament, yet thick, soft, polypropylene running mat is a good choice. The running mats offered in the online store are all high-quality, durable and stylish pieces with beautiful patterns.

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To make the cold floor of your home more comfortable, feel free to use a running mat!

The treadmill has not only a decorative role in our home. The treadmill the floor of our corridor will not be cold, because the sufficiently thick carpet radiates warmth. Considering the dimensions of the treadmill, it fits really well even in narrow corridors, so the feeling of comfort provided by the carpet is indispensable there.

The running mat available in several colors and sizes .

Some have only the width given , and its length can be cut to the required size. This is a very practical solution if the finished treadmill size is not right for you. However, before they get their rightful place in your home, it is advisable to hem them, because the 2 narrower sides are cut. After hemming, it will attract all eyes with a more aesthetic appearance.

If you don't want the treadmills , then feel free to choose our ready-made treadmills of. So you have nothing more to do with it, just place it on the floor and enjoy the sight and warmth provided by the treadmill. The prices for hemming the treadmills are included in the price of the carpets, there is no additional cost.

The treadmill is also excellent for noise reduction.

If you live in a panel house or apartment building, the neighbors will also be grateful if a treadmill in your hallway reduces the noise. This is especially useful for those who have children. That way, the person living below you doesn't have to hear that your child is currently enjoying playing ball.

Classic and modern running mat colorful, lively, or in a clean appearance. Beautiful exclusive carpets for a beautiful home. Order simply, comfortably, with one click.

We trust that you will find the ideal treadmill with us, which will make it beautiful and comfortable your everyday life. Feel free to contact us if we can help you with anything. Our phone number: +36305092418.