Quality, soft terry towels for individuals and catering establishments.

Cotton is made from the natural cotton plant. And the quality terry towel is made of 100% cotton material, with a special, looped process. The terry towel will be very soft, caressing and extremely absorbent with this looped surface.

The perfect choice for home, swimming pool, sauna, beach and hotel.

Purchasing a terry towel pays off quickly.

Durable, high-quality material does not require you to replace it soon. Easy-to-wash, quick-drying material.
Currently 50 x 100 cm and 70 x 140 cm terry towel can be ordered from our online store.

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A towel that caresses you after a pleasant shower.

Everyone feels good after a bath in a fluffy towel to towel off. Everyone can choose what pattern and color of towel they would like to see in their bathroom. You can find the right one in our range of terry towels, and you can choose from two sizes. Coordinate the colors in your bathroom as well. In this way, the color of the wall will be in pleasant harmony with the furniture and, of course, the towels. Thus, every minute spent here will be complemented by a pleasant sight. But if you can't decide, buy a smaller and a larger size of the same color. That way, everyone can have a hand towel that matches their towel. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions on the sewn-in label, but they can usually be washed at 30-40 degrees Celsius without color loss.

You can choose from many beautiful colors, which are constantly updated according to current trends.

Grey, yellow and turquoise are very popular now terry towel.

But don't leave your towel at home when you're going to the beach or swimming pool. In our wide selection of colors, you are sure to find a towel that suits your taste and that you will be happy to use. If you have a favorite soccer team, show it to those around you with a towel with the logo of your favorite team.
For children, choose a cute superhero pattern. Your child will surely be happy with it, as these figures are not only cute, but also brave. These quality towels they are adult-sized, so it is certain that your child will not get wet. They also provide softness, as they are made of high-quality cotton.