Quality tablecloths from Japan!

Checkered tablecloth made in Japan and with a floral pattern, it will have an impressive effect on the table setting.

Its strong, high-quality, fine material is durable and can be wiped clean.

Waxed linen tablecloths are indestructible. Our tablecloths can be washed and wiped clean. They resist water, grease, oil and stubborn dirt. Their specialty is the lace border. Our tablecloths can be washed and ironed, and it is almost impossible to distinguish them from 100% fabric tablecloths.

The retro checkered tablecloth is a perfect choice for both our homes and our holiday homes. they prove. You can find it in various sizes for round dining tables, oval dining tables and square dining tables. Oval tablecloth, round tablecloth is beautiful, tasteful, homely, and with the lace border it has a very pleasant atmosphere.


Round tablecloth, oval tablecloth, square tablecloth. Which one do you choose for your table?

Having a tablecloth is very important, especially when , when an army of guests arrives and sits at the table to enjoy a delicious menu. Not only the right size, but also choosing the right color and pattern for the occasion.

Of course, almost any color and pattern is perfect for weekdays tablecloth, but it doesn't hurt to choose the right one for a festive occasion .

A poorly chosen tablecloth can be depressing. If it hangs too much, if it hangs annoyingly on our knees, or if it is too small, it can also be disappointing.

But what is the perfect size of the right tablecloth?

< span style="color: #000000;">It is most ideal if the tablecloth is 20 cm longer than the table in all directions. It is neither too small nor too big. So, if we have an 80x100 cm table, the 120x140 cm tablecloth will be a good choice.

Fortunately, the tablecloths offered in our online store are available in several sizes. The dear customer can choose between 3 sizes of square, 2 sizes of oval and 2 sizes of round tablecloths.

Rangular style spread dimensions:

  • 122 x 152 cm
  • 132 x 178 cm
  • 152 x 228 cm

Round tablecloth dimensions:

  • 132 cm
  • 152 cm

Oval tablecloth dimensions :

  • 132 x 178 cm
  • 152 x 228 cm

Choose the perfect size tablecloth for the perfect for hosting guests.

Our tablecloths are currently available in checkered and floral patterns, but our stock will be constantly expanding. The tablecloths we offer are of high quality, they came to us directly from Japan. Their lace edges really amaze us, providing a special atmosphere in the dining room and the kitchen. There is no more homely feeling than the sight of lace.

The wipeable, waxed linen tablecloth tablecloth< /strong> very practical. Any dirt can be wiped off with a single movement. No fat or food residue can get into the material.