Soft suitcase or ABS suitcase with hard lid?

If you are looking for a rolling suitcase, both soft and hard ABS suitcases can be ordered from our online store with free delivery.

The soft suitcase has a classic style, and the ABS suitcase is extremely fashionable. It can be purchased in a variety of colors and patterns. A beautiful and high-quality suitcase can be needed at any time. Both types have their advantages, whichever you choose, you will have a practical travel assistant.

What size suitcase do you need?

You can find them all in our online store. Discover the world and travel comfortably with a beautiful, high-quality suitcase!


Are you going to travel but don't have the right suitcase?

If you are going to travel, one of the most basic things you should get first is suitcase. You can do this with free delivery in the web store.
The hard cover bag and suitcase set will be your perfect helpers. A Ryanair piece of luggage is a basic item of every air travel. But no matter how you want to travel, by plane, car, train, on foot, etc. you can find a large selection of travellings at dizon.

3-piece suitcase set

for those who travel a lot or for the whole family: cabin suitcase, medium suitcase and large suitcase. The dimensions of the on-board suitcase and hand luggage airlines must be checked before the trip.

Set of 4 suitcases with wheels

for the most comfortable trips. Telescopic pull lever that you can adjust to 3 heights. In the online store, you can choose from many cabin suitcases, even as a gift. Are you looking for an owl suitcase, a butterfly suitcase or an elegant solid black suitcase, order comfortably and your trip will be an experience.

Who is softwalledsuitcase,or also votes for a soft-top suitcase, and who prefers to buy an ABS hard-walled suitcase. Both bags have advantages. The soft suitcase has small outer pockets and compartments, usually with zipper closures. The hard suitcase< /a>'s shiny material is particularly stylish and fashionable. We can buy them with different patterns. We have beautiful suitcases for women, men and children.

The large suitcase can be chosen for longer trips, even in an expandable form. The deck bag, which gives you even more space for packing.

If several members of the family are traveling, then the hard-walled suitcase set, which consists of suitcases of different sizes. This way, every member of the family can have their own suitcase, in the size that suits their needs.), or a travel bag.
But you can also choose hard or soft material from our suitcases. Each of them has its own practicality, so after finding the right size suitcase (which can be taken on a plane, train or bus), all that matters is your taste.

If you have doubts or just don't have experience with air travel, I will now try to provide a little initial help, which might give you a little clue to choose the right suitcase.

Different airlines allow different suitcase sizes both on board and as checked baggage. At Ryanair, the size of the on-board bag is 40cm x 20cm x 25cm, which is placed under the seat opposite, so you cannot exceed this limited size. A handbag, laptop bag or even a smaller backpack can fit this size. The size of checked-in baggage is maximized in terms of weight, and this upper limit is 20 kg. However, one passenger can check in 2 suitcases of this size. In order to save money, it is advisable to select the checked suitcase at the time of the original reservation, as this way you can ensure a cheaper trip.

On WIZZAIR flights, you can travel with other suitcase sizes.

More with the airline, you can choose between 2 types of free hand luggage. If the basic version is enough for you, then when choosing a suitcase, take into account that it fits in the size of 40cm x 30cm x 20cm. If you want something extra, by purchasing the priority service, the maximum suitcase size that can be carried on can reach 55cm x 40cm x 23 cm in addition to the other smaller hand luggage.