Shaggy rug

Fluffy shaggy carpet, heavenly soft and thick!

The thick, squishy shaggy carpet welcomes you home every day with the greatest feeling of comfort. The material of polypropylene is perfect in today's modern and fast-paced world, as it is an easily vacuumable, dust-absorbing and not delicate material at all. The shaggy carpet offered in the online store is available in 3 cm and 4 cm fiber lengths, which are perfect for the living room, bedroom, wardrobe room and other parts of the apartment. Fascinating colors, sly patterns and velvety, fluffy material are what make us bewitch and seduce us!

Be a part of the shaggy feeling, find your favorite shaggy rug here and furnish the home of your dreams with us.

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Special, adorable shaggy rug.

Thick, shaggy shaggy rug combines comfort, higher comfort and style. The interior design harmony of your home is largely determined by the well-chosen shaggy carpet. Among our large selection, you may find the long-pile carpet of your dreams, which you can have in your home the next day after ordering.

A large selection of shaggy carpets.

Easy to match. the special shaggy rugs with the furniture in your apartment, the color of the wall and other accessories. Thread length, you can find the 3 cm and 4 cm shaggy carpet dimensions. In our online store, each shaggy rug can be ordered in up to 7-8 sizes. also a bed sheet in the size of 50 x 80 cm in the same color and pattern. Among them are 70 x 100 cm, 80 x 150 cm, 125 x 200 cm, 150 x 230 cm, 200 x 300 cm, 250 x 350 cm shaggy carpet sizes you can choose from. You can also find beautiful square, oval and circular pieces with us, as we are prepared for every need.

Shaggy rugs in a variety of colors.

With shades of cream, white, brown, green, burgundy, blue, purple, turquoise, black, gray shaggy rugs almost arranging the floor of your home is "child's play". If you are looking for a shaggy running mat, there is also a wide selection, which you can even see and touch in the showroom.

You can choose between fluffy and fashionable, stylish colors and patterns. We know that change is eternal, that's why we offer a constantly renewed offer, adapted to the latest trends. The most beautiful colors and the most unique patterns can be found, even in 3D embossed form.

Cleaning the shaggy carpet is child's play.

It can be simply vacuumed just like all other carpets. Regular maintenance and vacuuming increases the life of carpets.

All shaggy carpets are delivered rolled up. Before the first use, after you spread it on the floor at home, there may be creases on it, which will smooth out in a few days. This does not affect the quality of the carpet.