Satin, silk bedding

Satin and silk bedding sets for those who want a touch of cooling luxury.

Are the nights too warm? Satin bed linen hugs you and cools you down pleasantly.

The satin bed is something that we mainly use in the warmer months, but who really liked luxury bed linen his touch, he doesn't part with it even when the weather turns cooler. Beautiful colors and a stunning view await you in the bedroom if you choose this luxurious home textile for the night. It is also available as single bedspread and double bedspread. The 7-piece is made with a 140x200 cm duvet cover, the 6-piece with a 200x220 cm duvet cover. Choose the most comfortable solution for you for the night.

Satin is not a material, but a weaving process.

The material of cotton satin bedding is 100% cotton, or mixed fiber cotton, which is 80% means cotton and 20% polyester composition. Both are of high quality, we can hardly notice a difference between them. Its shiny, silky, cooling material is a real salvation in summer during hot nights.

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Dream sweet dreams in quality satin-silk bedding.

To this day, some people think of the word silk with luxury, splendor and the accompanying elegance, which they think may be unaffordable for them. But this is a misconception, because in our online store you can find quality satin silk bed linen at affordable, favorable prices. If the material is good, then there is no slippery phenomenon and unpleasant touch. And the indicator satin means the type of weaving.
Silk is a natural material, so it is skin-friendly and has antistatic properties. In our online store, you can find it in 3-piece single and 7-piece double sets. The duvet cover of these is the normal one, 140 x 200 cm.

The 6 or 7-part satin silk bed cover in our offer you will find the one that suits you, which will make your bedroom elegant. The 7-piece silk satin bed linen set also includes a large sheet, also made of this material, the color of which harmonizes very well with the bed covers.

The cotton silk bed cover is skin-friendly. We do not sweat under its shiny, silky material, as it is sufficiently ventilated, so our skin will not itch. A real silk bedclothes will inspire you to get into bed, so you will always look forward to being covered in it. Not only will your skin love it, its eye-catching sight will literally captivate you. The caterpillar silk bed cover can be yours at an affordable price, with free home delivery. A real silk bed sheet offers an experience you have never experienced before. It gives a cooling, classy, imposing and lavish feeling.

An elegant, silk satin bed cover can also be a beautiful gift. Silk bedding set at a good price, with fast delivery, from stock.

Among our satin silk bed covers you can also find buttoned or hidden ones.

If you want your bedroom to have an even more elegant, sparkling look, choose gold color satin silk bed cover  from the range.

If the summer sun shines on it, it will shine in your bedroom. If your ideas and style are drawn towards more romantic colors, you can choose from our purple, mauve and pink silk-satin bed linens. Whichever one you choose, the view will captivate you and you will have an intimate rest.

You can choose the most suitable one according to your needs. Even in the winter months, however, those who like to sleep very warm do not need to put it in the bottom of the closet, for example, in a bedroom at 25 degrees Celsius, a satin silk bed cover.

Buy it and take advantage of the 14-day exchange guarantee. If you don't like the product, you can return it to us free of charge and we will refund the purchase price.