Quilt pillow set: winter-summer set.

We offer you the simplest way to buy an anti-allergenic duvet. An adult set at a low price, or a children's, winter, summer, or 4-season, single or double quilt, you can find everything in the dizon.hu web store.

You will feel very comfortable in our Hungarian-made products.

All our quilts are quilted, because we already know that this is the most practical, most comfortable and most durable solution. The quilting prevents the filling from slipping, so it will always keep you evenly warm while you sleep. You can only sleep well under our skin-friendly, heat-retaining, natural cotton and silken cover material quilts. You will definitely like our discount offer.


Pleasantly soft and warm quilt, comfortable pillow, small pillow.

For a relaxing sleep, a good quality pillow and quilt. A comfortable, breathable and warm quilt set is guaranteed to enhance the relaxation experience. We can already choose the top layer, which promotes a higher feeling of comfort. Among the cotton materials, antiallergens are excellent for those who are allergic to feathers or down. Most winter and summer quilts and pillows are made with removable, washable covers. But we also find some where not only the cover can be washed. The top layer of these textile products can be cotton or microfiber, and the filling can also be silicone balls.

The microfiber cover is softer than cotton, which provides an even more pleasant feeling.


  • 90 x 140 cm
  • 135 x 200 cm
  • 140 x 200 cm
  • 200 x 220 cm

An irresistible, amazingly soft and warm quilt is one of the foundations of restful sleep and beautiful dreams. Anti-allergenic, microfiber and premium pen filling for all needs.

Quilt pillow set cheap.

You can also choose from the ergonomic memory foam pillow range. , which, thanks to its design, promotes healthy sleep. It also provides adequate support for the neck and spine. These pillows also have removable covers to make them even easier to clean.

The double duvet is the perfect choice for lovers.

200 x 220 cm blanket they will definitely fit under. Plaids cannot be missing from the bedroom either, but the natural down filling is also really pampering. If we use a mattress, the jersey rubber sheet is the right choice in our web store.

In the DIZON.hu web store, of course, you will also find the down comforter category, in which all products are made of premium quality materials. Fluff is one of the oldest filling materials. Their cover material can be cotton or silk. The warm silk mangin provides a decorative appearance and provides a truly relaxing night.

4-season quilt set cheap, with free shipping.

The four-season quilt is recommended for those who do not they like to change the quilt and the pillow in winter and summer. The 4-season quilt pillow set provides optimal body temperature all year round, with good ventilation and at the same time keeping warm. You can find it in single and double duvet versions. The double duvet cover can also be found in our webshop. The filling of quilted quilts does not slip apart, and they can also be washed in a washing machine from time to time. The cassettes are laminated, so the filling cannot slide from one place to another.

3-piece quilt set.

Quilts, pillows, pillowcases in snow white. Although we dress up the duvet set in beautiful bed covers anyway, the snow-white color creates a feeling of eternal purity and peace in us. Each quilt pillow set is a quality Hungarian product, delivered from a domestic manufacturer to your bedroom. Guaranteed quality, guaranteed sweet dreams.

Down comforter and pillow set also from a domestic manufacturer. Silk quilt and pillow, if you want to delight yourself with only the best.

The dizon.hu web store takes care of you and your beautiful dreams. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at +36305092418.