PVC Floor

The PVC floor, i.e. the rolled vinyl floor, is an extremely popular floor covering today.

Lifelike patterns, which is also true for the wood-effect PVC floor surface and the stone-effect PVC floor.

In our online store you can find residential PVC floors and commercial floors, as well as special vinyl floors that are used in operating rooms, clean rooms, laboratories, can be placed in X-ray rooms.

All PVC vinyl floors can be ordered in rolls, in the required square meter quantities. It is easy to cut and work with, which is why PVC floors are so popular today.

The waterproof PVC floors can also be laid in the bathroom, toilet and kitchen.

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PVC floor, which is the perfect choice for both home and office.

Lifelike, natural wood pattern PVC Vinyl floor in both light and dark colors.

We also recommend this practical, fast floor covering method for underfloor heating. The PVC floor is also available in 2, 3 and 4 meter wide rolls, in the requested square meter. PVC vinyl floors have many good properties: they enable quiet traffic, are easy to put down, cheap, durable, durable, resistant, and easy to clean. It also copes with water stains. It can also be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and water cleaning.

Where do we recommend the PVC floor?

For the kitchen, hall, bedroom, hallway, hallway, office, children's room, etc. Some PVC floors are special materials that are made for clean rooms, laboratories, operating rooms, and X-ray rooms. These are long-lasting electrostatic vinyls that contain soot particles and pure carbon.

It offers a demanding solution for lovers of natural interior decoration. Among the PVC floor colors offered in the DIZON-home.com online store, you can find beech, oak and smoky oak, but we try to constantly renew the range according to demand.

Choose comfort, choose speed, choose the PVC floor Vynil floor to renovate your home.