A pressure cooker can be worth its weight in gold in the kitchen! Any food can be prepared much faster with it, so if you are constantly racing against time, we definitely recommend getting one. In this ingenious, masterful vessel, the ingredients will soften quickly, the preparation of food can be speeded up by up to 70%, and in addition many more vitamins will remain in it.


Make your work easier, shorten the time you spend cooking with a pressure cooker!

Perhaps everyone is familiar with the kitchen equipment, the pressure cooker. This kind of vessel divides humanity quite a bit. Some people like it and use it, some people have already bought it but haven't tried it yet, and some people don't dare to buy it.

Anyone who has used a pressure cooker has experienced the benefits of cooking in a pressure cooker. If you have already bought it, but have not yet used it, then it is time to try how quickly the dishes that you otherwise spend hours cooking are prepared in the cooker. The end result will also taste completely different, since the flavors are preserved better when cooking in the cooker, they do not leave with the steam.

If you "don't dare" to try it because you heard about a kitchen accident where the cooker exploded , then don't be afraid, this doesn't really happen with these newly manufactured cookers. If you use it correctly, you will avoid even the smallest kitchen accident that could happen because of the kettle.

Never leave it full, so the steam can move better in the sealed kettle. Since the steam remains inside the closed cooker, everything will cook faster. When the water in the kettle has boiled, it will beep. Then it's time to lower the flame. At the top of the kettle, we find a small valve with which we can reduce the pressure before opening it. Before removing the top, it is worth waiting a few minutes. If used with due care and caution, no kitchen accidents will occur. It is advisable to turn your face away when removing the lid, so the steam will not hit your face.

Using the kettle is not complicated, is it? Once you try it, you will often call for help :)

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