Pot, Pan

Pot and pot with ceramic coating.

A ceramic coated pots and pans are a great solution if you want to prepare soups and other dishes with a particularly delicious taste. Its height is greater than its diameter, making it a perfect choice for "liquid, thin" foods. Even with a few drops of fat, you can cook healthy food in it without sticking. They are characterized by modern and stylish colors and shapes. Red, rosegold, burgundy, black, also perfect as a gift. They are beautiful.

The high-quality, stylishly colored ceramic coated pot or pan is the favorite of every householder who loves to cook. Choose quality kitchen tools and success is guaranteed.


Pot or foot? Which one should be used for what?

A kitchen needs both a pot and a saucepan. Each has its own function. You can choose the one you like from our legs in two sizes and several colors. Saucepans are used to prepare "non-liquid" foods. It is an excellent choice for preparing even one bowl of food.
The pot, on the other hand, is necessary for preparing soups, as it is taller than its diameter. You can prepare a large portion of soup in the black ceramic coated pot, but of course, if necessary, a large portion of stuffed cabbage will also cook nicely and soft in it. But the pot is also a convenient choice for cooking pasta, as even spaghetti can be cooked comfortably in it. It is advisable to use the lid on both pots during cooking, as this way the food will be ready sooner and the flavors will also be preserved better. height. A beautiful and elegant porcelain warming pot is also available in the DIZON.hu online store, in two different forms. The oval porcelain warmer and the more angular porcelain dish are also perfect choices if you are planning an imposing and princely gathering at the table. It also comes with a beautiful porcelain chef's spoon, which can be used to scoop out the food.

The saucers are also available in very stylish and fashionable colors.

With such a pleasant red ceramic coated saucer, it is always a pleasure to cooking. Show your individuality with your kitchen utensils. Don't be surprised if your partner also gets the urge to cook, as these pans, shining in unusual colors, will also please him. Feel free to let your cooking skills shine, as these pots are really easy to clean, thanks to their ceramic-coated design.

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