Plaid, Blanket

Plaid, blanket and bedspread in all sizes.

Plaid and bedspread acrylic, made of fleece, polyester and microfiber material. Soft, warm, dries quickly and does not wrinkle. What else do you need? You can find everything from Ovis children's blankets to large blankets for double beds in our online store. We offer many colors and a wide variety of patterns in acrylic, fleece, polyester and microfiber materials.

The softness of the acrylic plaid impresses.

It keeps its color and does not become fluffy even after many washes. It won't fade even in the hot sun, so it's also recommended for summer beach wear. After washing, it dries quickly and does not wrinkle. You can find animal, cat, horse, dolphin, zebra, panther, floral, star, striped, polka dot, or solid colors in our online store.

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A warm, comfortable and delicious soft blanket and soft pillow come in handy at any time.

The pleasant touch and the right color scheme are decisive when choosing the ideal plaid. If to read a good book you need to wrap yourself in a caressing warm blanket, you can easily choose and if you want to cover your bed with a stylish blanket, you can also choose easily. The feeling of a soft and warm blanket makes the bedroom cozy.

Acrylic plaids are silky soft and very warm.

One-color plaid, several shades of burgundy, green, blue, orange, mauve, purple, brown follows the clear direction. The patterned plaid can have a modern pattern, flower pattern, or animal pattern. A soft sheet, a warm blanket, a decorative pillow with a pattern will encourage you not to leave the bedroom. A fine, pleasant material and high-quality bed cover is an important part of sleep and relaxation.

In the company of a pleasant plaid, blanket and soft cotton bed linen, only beautiful things you can dream. You can have your favorite animal with you on the blanket, even a panda bear, dolphin, horse, tiger, lion, cat and dog. A lovely plaid creates a cheerful atmosphere for everyday life. They can be washed in a washing machine at 30 degrees Celsius.

The size of the plaid can be:

  • 150 x 200 cm
  • 200 x 240 cm

You can also find the extra thick plaid, which is almost soft, very comfortable and has a fine touch. No one will get cold under the quilts and plaid. Guesthouses, apartments and hotels can also find double-sided blankets and bedspreads that are ideal for them.