Organza curtain

Beautiful, airy, ready-made organza curtains in a huge selection!

The size of the organza curtains:

250 cm high, 300 cm wide, which are the domestic standard sizes perfect choice for windows. You can order ready-made curtains and organza curtains at Dizon, which after receipt just need to be rinsed and can be clipped to the curtain holder cornice.

The material of the organza curtains:

Primarily a shiny, shiny fabric woven from monofilament material. These curtains were originally made of silk, but today they are made of synthetic fibers, which are not so delicate and more affordable. organza curtains can be washed by hand or by machine, but the water should not be hotter than 30 degrees Celsius.

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A wide selection of stylish organza curtains.

Would you like a thin, shiny organza curtains to make your home more cozy? You can find what you are looking for in our online store. There are also single-colored and two-colored organza curtains that create a very beautiful play of light when the sunlight shines through them. Dress up your windows with beautiful curtains and make your home an island of peace, where it's good to come home.

When choosing organza curtains, as with any other home decoration, the style, color and size of the room must be taken into account.

A curtain is a basic accessory to turn your apartment into a home. Organza curtains are translucent, so enough sunlight enters your home. This can also affect your mood and well-being, as you feel better in a sunny room.

Our online store organza curtain's curtains are already sewn, all you have to do is to place in front of your window. The ready-made curtain makes the work much easier. You just need to string it on the curtain holder cornice or clip it.
If you want organza curtains for a smaller room, use a light, single-colored curtain without a pattern. In this way, you optically enlarge the space, which will make even a smaller room seem larger. In a room with a larger area, you can even use organza curtains with a darker base color, as they will not make the space smaller. In our organza curtain selection, you can also find patterns that are also translucent.
Feel free to use patterned organza curtains, just don't forget to match them with the other accessories in the room! So it will always be a good feeling to spend time in the room.

If it's time for spring cleaning or you just want to refresh your organza curtains, feel free to put them in the washing machine. Do not wash at a temperature higher than 40 degrees, and keep the centrifuge power low, so you can protect the material of your curtains. It is advisable to hang the organza curtain in its place immediately after washing, so that it will not be wrinkled, as the material "kicks itself out" during drying. If you follow the instructions, your organza curtains will be a beautiful decoration for your room for a long time.

Curtains beautify our home, but we use them in every other area where there is a window. We also like it in offices, institutions and other places. The curtain cornice helps to put them up and decorate the room. Whether modern curtains or classic curtains that match the style, you can find them in our online store.

Ready-made curtains make decorating easier.

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