Door mat for hygienic and clean homes.

An outdoor or indoor doormat is not only practical, but also beautiful. We are also available for private individuals and institutions. Don't bring dirt into the apartment, but properly wipe your feet before entering somewhere.

The special steel wire doormat is extra strong and durable.

We recommend it for high-traffic indoor use.

  • The strong and beautiful doormat with 80% coconut, 20% steel material composition can already shine in front of your apartment, at an affordable price.
  • The doormat with polypropylene surface, rubber back and rubber border is also deservedly popular, due to its anti-slip properties.
  • Astroturf doormat is also a type that which we see in many places.
  • The 100% coconut doormat decorated with different inscriptions and patterns is also very popular.
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A stylish doormat is an essential part of our home.

Our high-quality doormats from Belgium are made of strong, durable material.

In our selection you will find coconut doormats, rubber doormats, indoor textile doormats and astroturf doormats that are perfect for heavy use. We have very nice doormats for women, men and families. You can also order flower-patterned or plain plain but beautiful colored doormats. Online doormat shopping is particularly smooth. After placing it in the basket, we will start processing your order and you may receive it the next day with the help of the GLS courier service.
You can pay online with a bank card and in cash, or with a card at the courier. It is very easy to buy doormats and other home textiles online.

You can choose from a wide selection of sizes the most suitable one for your home or business.

You can design the multi-level dirt-catching filter doormat system to protect the floor of your home as much as possible. Outdoors, you can place a rubber doormat on the sidewalk, on the stairs, in front of the front door, and indoors, when you enter the door, you can use a textile doormat, which adds to the comfort of your home. By using two doormats, less dirt and dust will surely enter the apartment. In autumn and winter, a strong doormat is extremely important. Mud and snow are not a pretty sight in the hall. The outdoor and indoor doormat list does not end here. Take a look at our offer and choose the one that makes your heart skip a beat. We offer good prices, high quality and fast delivery. Take a look at us and get new doormats for your home.

Our customer service colleague will be happy to help you choose the right doormat. Feel free to search by e-mail or by phone for the doormat and mop that best suits you.