Kitchen equipment

A huge collection of kitchen equipment!

An ample selection for handy, hard-working housewives and kitchen master men too! Cutlery set, dish set, crystal glass set, frying pan, wok, cooking pot, pot, foot, stainless steel utensils. Having the kitchen equipped to welcome us when we want to serve a delicious dinner to our family or friends is half the success. Small kitchen appliances, glasses, plates, utensils in one place.

A large selection of festive and everyday plates.

A variety of plate sets from 18 pieces to 57 pieces can be ordered in both plain and decorative, colorful versions. Beautiful and high-quality plates, dishes, glasses, pans, kettles, etc.


Quality kitchen equipment makes cooking easier.

Good baking and cooking starts with the right ingredients. Be it the raw materials or the appropriate kitchen equipment. Everyday cooking will be a pleasure in a well-equipped kitchen. In our online store, you will find all the kitchen equipment you need to make your work easier. You can also shine in the kitchen with the ceramic coated cookware set and the stainless steel cookware set. The quality pot, panand basic equipment is needed, it should be in every kitchen. The stainless steel pressure cooker speeds up the preparation of meals by up to 70%. Take advantage of the premium options and order kitchen equipment products for yourself or your loved ones.

A well-equipped kitchen is the dream of every housewife.

You would like to surprise yourself with a tasty nail stew, but you are afraid to do it because it is quite lengthy. time to prepare? Use the cooker, which can also be found among our kitchen equipment, in which the cooking time is significantly shortened. In addition, the food prepared using the cooker will be tastier. If you haven't used a pressure cooker yet, feel free to try it, you won't be disappointed!

You will find designer ceramic coated dish sets too. These dishes are ideal for everyone, as nothing sticks to them. You can find these kitchen equipment in sets, or only 1-1 pots/pots on their own. If you're done cooking, you can also find modern, designer plate sets for serving among our kitchen equipment. The tableware, plate set essential for the family dining table. You can spice up the serving with it, as such a modern plate already looks special on the laid table.

The polished kristály pohar set can also be found in the following types:

  1. Brandy glass
  2. Whiskey glass
  3. Soft drink glass
  4. Champagne glass
  5. Red wine glass
  6. White wine glass
  7. Cognac glass