Kitchen carpet

Kitchen rug: washable, non-slip, warm.

A beautiful and quality kitchen rug a basic accessory for every kitchen. It provides a soft and warm surface for our feet while cooking.

The fibers of the Teflon-coated kitchen mat are water-repellent. They do not absorb dirt that falls on them. It can be easily wiped off with a wet cloth or vacuumed. Micro-flex's anti-slip back allows safe movement in the kitchen. Its special back adheres to the tile, it does not slide, but lies firmly on it. Our kitchen rugs can also be used with underfloor heating. Polyamide kitchen mats are machine washable, so you can always cook in a hygienic and clean environment.


You can make the cold tiles of your kitchen warmer with a kitchen rug.

If you haven't thought of using a rug in your kitchen yet, you might like one of these kitchen rugs. Using a kitchen rug is not only aesthetic, but also practical. In addition to providing warmth to your feet while you are active in the kitchen, it can even save you some time in cleaning the kitchen.

If you put a kitchen rug in your kitchen, always make sure that the kitchen rug don't slide! Because if it slides on the floor, it can also cause an accident. Choose a kitchen rug with micro-tex anti-slip backing .

Kitchen rugs in different sizes.

You can choose one color or , the pattern of which is related to cooking. Match the color of the carpet with the style of your kitchen cabinets, so that the harmony will be complete here as well. You can also use a more colorful kitchen rug, so the color scheme of your kitchen will be more pronounced. If you sometimes want a little rest time for yourself before doing the dishes, place the rug in front of the cupboard so that the attention is drawn to it and not to the pile of unwashed items.

A kitchen rug that can be washed in a washing machine.

If it has collected a lot of water (because it is inevitable that some water gets on the floor when washing dishes), then just let it dry. If the kitchen carpet is crumpled, just shake it out and it can go back to its place. With a kitchen rug like this, you don't have to clean the kitchen as much :).
The modern carpet, or the classic carpet category also includes smaller carpets, which can be suitable for the kitchen.

A premium, non-slip kitchen rug not only beautifies, but also makes the kitchen comfortable. A plain or patterned style suits your kitchen, you can find the perfect one in the webshop.

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