Jacquard Curtain

Traditional, classic, jacquard curtain that will beautify your home!

Decorate your home with a beautiful, traditional jacquard curtain! This wonderful, lace curtain will add perfection to bedrooms and living rooms in your home. They are characterized by a large pattern, softness and charm. Their advantage is that they are very easy to handle. You don't need to iron them, after washing they dry in seconds without creasing.

The jacquard light-transmitting curtain is an excellent choice for decorating and making apartments, restaurants, catering establishments more homely in addition to family houses. Choose from them and see the rising sun more beautifully every day through beautiful jacquard curtains.

Available sizes: 180 x 300 cm and 250 cm x 300 cm.

Size - Height

If you too can't imagine your window without curtains, decorate it with Jacquard curtains!

The jacquard curtain decorative, has a beautifying nature. Jacquard curtains are characterized by large, yet tasteful decoration. I think many of us agree that curtains play a very important role in a home. After all, it doesn't matter whether we are looking at the window or there is a beautiful and tasteful jacquard curtain in front of it. This can even help your mood and well-being a lot.

But the jacquard curtain before choosing, think about how it would fit in the room. Which would match the color of the wall, your furnishings, and the furniture. You can choose the jacquard curtain that best suits you and the room from a variety of colors and sizes.

You can choose a white pattern on a white background, or if the style of the room and color scheme allows, then you can be more adventurous and choose colorful floral jacquard curtains on a white background. You can choose the right one from two sizes of some curtains. Whichever jacquard curtain you choose, it lets the light in, but it blocks out prying eyes.

The jacquard curtain also doesn't hurt to refresh every 3-4 months. The easiest way to do this is to wash it in a washing machine. In this case, make sure to put it in a laundry bag if possible, and definitely wash it with a gentle wash! This means that the temperature should not be hotter than 40 degrees, and the spin should run at a low speed. After that, you don't need to iron the jacquard curtain, you can put it back in front of your window to further embellish the room.

A beautiful lace curtain enchants you and takes you back to your childhood.

There are many modern curtains available today, made of modern materials, but nothing can surpass the beauty of a lace curtain. Ready-made lace curtains are available in our Dizon.hu online store, which just need to be clipped onto the curtain support rod, curtain cornice.

A beautiful white lace curtain creates a perfect, intimate atmosphere from the living room to the bedroom. Jacquard curtains decorated with smaller or larger flower patterns look wonderful even in modern interior design. It is not necessary to follow the monochrome mood, as our home gets the image that we give it.

In the spring, we like to renew and refresh our home. A new curtain is also perfect for this. A beautiful spring curtain puts you in a better mood, especially when the sun's rays shine through it in the morning. The light-transmitting ready-made curtain fills the apartment with life. It decorates the window and perfects the space.

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