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We offer quality ladders as practical household tools. Lower and higher ladders for every need.

A stable ladder part of the household. Cleaning windows, putting up curtains, changing light bulbs, DIY, you all need a ladder or step. But it can be needed not only inside the house, but also outside in the garden, especially in autumn. Replace the wooden ladder with an aluminum ladder, which is more durable and safer, and even lighter. Safety should always be the focus when choosing a ladder. Ribbed rungs, rubber soles and a strong frame are very important aspects.

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Ladders for all housewives, men who want to install and paint.

The folding ladders take up little space when not in use. It can be stored anywhere next to the wall, almost unnoticed. Stable material ladders can be chosen from aluminum or steel, and their load capacity is high, 150 kg.

The rungs of the ladders are non-slip, thus guaranteeing safe ascent and descent. The household ladder can be 5 degrees, 4 degrees or even bigger.

Both the corrosion-resistant aluminum ladder and the steel ladder resists rusting. Another good feature of these two materials is that they are light. Every housewife can easily use all the ladders. Their legs have a plastic coating, which gives them a non-slip property.

The use of the ladder may be necessary at home, in the garage, workshop, but also in shops. Stores with high ceilings definitely need a strong, durable ladder, but a smaller stage ladder can also be sold. A room ladder is found and necessary in almost every apartment.

A small 2- or 3-degree step-ladder is also good for cleaning the apartment at home, if you have one, or when you have to reach for something on the cupboard. Larger ladders are practical for work around the house. Painting, DIY, changing light bulbs, etc. These also have ladders of different heights. The highest is 8 rungs.

It is important to note that household ladders and steps are dangerous.

However, you can avoid unwanted inconveniences if you pay attention to a few things.

The first important thing is not to use too high a ladder unnecessarily. In a single-family house, a ladder of 3-4 degrees is sufficient.

The steps may be used more often than the ladders, they can be taken out on a daily basis even if necessary. A step is much safer than a ladder.

Choose a ladder with a wide platform and a tall handrail if you are unstable and afraid to move on it. A stable, steel-proof ladder is useless if it is not used properly. It is very important to place it on an even and flat ground that does not sink in.

Always climb the ladder in shoes and closed footwear. It is not advisable to climb a ladder with bare feet, socks or slippers, socks are the most dangerous because they are very slippery.

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