Ironing stand, Ironing board

Ironing board, ironing stand the smooth for clothes. Plain clothes, i.e. clothes that are not wrinkled, reveal a lot about us. Although if you roll the clothes neatly on the dryer, you can avoid ironing, this is not 100%. There are more delicate items of clothing or curtains that need to be ironed. Ironing is definitely done on an ironing board or ironing board if we don't want any inconvenience or accidents.

The best ironing board has a steel frame structure, we also believe in this and that is why we offer the range of quality ironing boards and ironing stands shown here.

The cover of the ironing board is good if it is 100% cotton. The ironing boards in our offer are all high-quality, with a 100% cotton surface. If quality and practicality and free shipping are important, then you've come to the right place. Order an ironing board comfortably.


Ironing with a steam iron or a simple, traditional iron. Regardless of the type of iron, a quality and stable ironing board is definitely necessary.

Our ironing boards are equipped with safety holders, which are essential for steam irons. The adjustable height can also mean extra comfort, but the cable holder is also a very practical element of an ironing board. And the perfectly smooth, 100% cotton cover is also something that can make ironing enjoyable. Let's face it, not everyone likes ironing as a chore. However, a nice, high-quality ironing board can make you want to do it.

A stable, durable steel ironing board can be a faithful companion in everyday life in the household.

Steel ironing board the advantage is that it is light in weight. Who wants to take out a heavy ironing board, open it, then close it every time you iron? The ironing boards in our offer are all light, so this chore is not annoying.

Where should we put the ironing board?

Household tools such as ironing board, the vacuum cleaner, the ladder often cause problems when finding a place for it in the apartment. Not everyone has a laundry room or a separate room where we can store everything we don't want to see. If necessary, you can easily take out an ironing board and quickly iron the shirt. It can be in a good place in the built-in wardrobe, which is the best place for it. Some ironing stands are designed in such a way that they can be hung up.

Our ironing boards are made with a cover with a fun pattern to get you in the mood for ironing. The flamingo, strawberry, or floral ironing board creates a pleasant atmosphere in the laundry room and the living room, or in the wardrobe as well.

Tips to make ironing easier:

  1. Do not overload the washing machine. The more clothes you put in, the more wrinkled they will be when the machine has finished washing.
  2. When drying, shake the clothes well and smooth them.
  3. Do not use tweezers if the apartment is we worry about it, because it leaves a mark on the clothes.
  4. If we don't like the mark of the drying line, we prefer to hang the more delicate items of clothing on a hanger.
  5. Take the clothes out of the washing machine as soon as the machine has finished washing.
  6. The higher the spin speed, the more wrinkled the clothes will be.

These few tips or good advice can help shorten the ironing time.