Cloth Drying Rack

Dryer in a large selection.

Clothes drying rack, radiator hanging clothes dryer, or wall clothes dryer, all types can be found in our online store.

A practical clothes dryer makes our everyday household chores easier.

One clothes dryer for the balcony or clothes dryer radiator has a small compact size, which is a perfect choice for, for example, baby clothes.

The rolling clothes drying rack also takes up little space in our home when standing. It can be used both at home and outside on the terrace, its stainless steel material is strong, durable and has a long service life.

Choose depending on how much clothes you need to roll out. There are also dryers with 20-meter, 30-meter, and 40-meter surfaces.


Clothes dryers of all types.

Clothes dryers are an essential part of household work. After washing, clean but still wet clothes and textiles must be spread out so that they dry properly and without wrinkles.

Many of us have the opportunity to dry clothes, sheets, bed sheets, towels outside in the open air on the clothesline. In winter, however, it is better to dry them indoors in the apartment. It is true that the humidity in the apartment increases, but this can also be eliminated with ventilation. In winter, it is sufficient to solve this with 5-10 minutes of quick ventilation where the clothes are dried. This time is enough for the air to change.

Let's see what types of clothes dryers we recommend:

  • The first is the rolling clothes dryer tower, which is a must for small apartments Trump card. The towering clothes dryer it can even be placed in the shower cabin, just pull the doors to ventilate.

The rolling clothes dryer can be set up vertically totony's advantage is that it has a large clothes drying surface, but it still takes up little floor space. This high-capacity, compact clothes dryer is one of the most popular types.

  • The next clothes dryer is the smallest, the so-called radiator clothes dryer . This small load-bearing clothes dryer can hold about 5 kg of clothes for towels, tea towels, baby clothes, socks, etc. perfect drying surface for smaller clothes and textiles. This is the cheapest clothes dryer that fits even in the smallest apartment. It can be hung not only on the radiator, but also on the balcony railing.
  • The wall-mounted clothes dryer is also space-saving and is mainly installed in the bathroom, but it can also be found on balconies. It can be installed on the side wall and the ceiling and can be retracted when not in use.
  • The next popular clothes dryer is the winged clothes dryer, i.e. the horizontally opening clothes dryer . Perhaps this can be said to be the most comfortable clothes dryer.

In the name of our clothes dryers there is a data, which is the meter. Even non-experts can read the clothes drying book, so I will now tell them what it is about. The clothes dryer the length of the line will be the meter, which can be 3 meters, 4 meters, 5 meters, but also 40, 50 meters in the case of larger clothes dryers. So if you want to hang a lot of clothes, take into account how many meters of drying surface is indicated on the data sheet or description of each clothes dryer.

Our clothes dryers are light, yet stable.

Whichever one you choose, you can be sure that you have bought a quality household appliance.

Household work can be made easier if we equip ourselves and our home with quality, practical appliances. A clothes dryer that is close at hand, has a good grip, and is made of quality materials. It will certainly make you want to wash and dry.

Choose the clothes dryer that best suits you and the features of your apartment. and surprise yourself with it.