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Ladder and ironing stand among our range, every housewife will find something suitable for her, as they are not only beautiful, but first class quality too.

From the smallest steel steps to the 8-step ladder, you can find products in our online store.

With us, more beautiful and practical you can make your home magical.



Household tools that make life easier.

A household works well if we are surrounded by the right tools. These household tools are good if they are of high quality, practical, shorten the housework and make it more pleasant. And it's not a disadvantage if they are also aesthetically pleasing.

Our household appliances include ironing boards, clothes drying racks and ladders too.

We buy these devices not only for a new home, but also when the old clothes drying rack has given up, or the ironing board is becoming unstable, or the surface has become ugly from too much ironing . A new ironing stand can make you love ironing again as a chore.

The buying household appliances is often boring.

Not only walking and standing in line, but also getting into the car can be annoying. However, there is another solution. When ordering from our online store, you don't have to deal with such things. After ordering, the GLS courier service will deliver the ladder, the ironing board and the clothes drying rack to the door. How comfortable is that? You just have to choose which one is the most ideal among the various household appliances.

A ladder or a step?

2 step step, or a ladder with 8 steps? You know which one is needed. The small shower is often a great help in the kitchen, laundry room, wardrobe, garage, but also in shops, galleries, etc. is also sometimes indispensable.

And the large household ladder can become our main helper when putting up curtains, cleaning windows, changing light bulbs, or during complete home renovation.

Choose which ladder you need and we will pack it so you can start working as soon as possible.

One of the main activities of the household is washing, drying and ironing.

We want to make these jobs easier for the whole family. Because not only mothers, but also older children, teenagers and men sometimes perform these tasks in the household. Washing is okay, there is nothing special to do with it, as the washing machine does it for us. However, if there is nothing to hang the clothes on, then we are in trouble.

Fortunately, we are here and there are several clothes drying racks available for our customers. The smaller clothes dryer that can be hung on a radiator or balcony, the large rolling clothes dryer stand, the most popular winged clothes dryer, or the hanging (retro) < strong>wall-mounted clothes dryer can also be found in our online store.

Drying after washing takes place on a clothes dryer suitable for the conditions of the room. In a smaller space, a rising clothes drying tower is better, and those with a large space can also choose a winged clothes dryer. The totony clothes dryer is a perfect choice for the balcony and terrace. We can also use the small compact clothes dryer that can be hung on the balcony railing to dry 1-1 towels or tea towels. Of course, this latest type of clothes dryer is also a good choice for small baby clothes.

Simple ironing board or multi-functional ironing stand?

The small a compact, lightweight ironing board and the larger, so-called "family" ironing stand can also be found in our online store.

The latter already has a clothes rack and an iron cord outlet.