Frying pan, Wok

Pan, wok, in which we can prepare almost anything.

Chinese cuisine is world famous. Orientals prepare really tasty food, mostly in a wok. This ingenious kitchen tool comes from China, which has already won the hearts of kitchen fairies in our country. In the wok, you can prepare delicious dishes with very little fat, and you can also steam and cook in it. The frying pan should also be found in every kitchen, which is also universal, which is why we all like it.

The wok is the perfect choice for preparing royal, healthy dishes.

Vegetables and meat can be prepared in it, Asian also in taste. Our woks with glass lids are available in sets of 2, and the grill pans are available by themselves. Smaller and larger grill pans and woks are also available in the DIZON-home.en online store. Grill and pancake maker also available in red, bronze, beige, rosegold colors, as every kitchen deserves beautiful, stylish cookware. 24 cm pan, 26 cm pan and 30 cm pan can also be found in our online store.


Delicates prepared in pans both on weekdays and on holidays

We distinguish several types of pans. There is the pancake pan, which is the flattest pan. This is suitable for baking tasty pancakes for the great pleasure of the family. With a good ceramic pancake maker, it is not a challenge for a larger family to bake delicious pancakes.

But ceramic pan also prepare tasty and juicy fried meats, for which vegetables can also be prepared in a pan. In the case of meat, you can choose the grill pan or the traditional pan with higher walls.

Meats and grilled vegetables are perfectly prepared in the grill pan, but you can also fry cheese in it.

They are not only delicious and healthy, but they also look really appetizing because of the surface of the grill pan, which leaves a mark on the food fried in it.
If you need a pan with a slightly deeper design, then use a wok. This is an ideal choice for cooking vegetable pasta or other types of pasta with sauces.
But if you want to offer even tastier, juicier and healthier dishes to your family and friends, then try the double-sided grill pan. You can also get this for yourself at a really favorable price from our online store. The double-sided grill pan is made with granite coating. Food will not stick in it, even if you do not use any cooking fat. This way you can eat healthier, and you have to spend much less time in the kitchen preparing dinner.