Floor mat

Floor carpet from cheap to luxury.

The floor carpet is a perfect choice for bedrooms, guest rooms, wardrobes, children's rooms and offices. Our offer includes the simple, classic, thinner floor mat and the exclusive, extra thick, incredibly soft floor mat.

Most floor mats are made of polypropylene or polyamide. , which are also available in 2 and 4 meter wide rolls.

Floor mats for offices, gyms, various institutions.

Furthermore, some industrial felt floor mats can also be used in the trunks and loading areas of cars and buses. The non-slip surfaces of the so-called car floor mats make the given area accident-free.


The floor rug is comfortable and exudes warmth.

The floor rug is still fashionable today. addition to our home. In addition to being able to choose from stylish colors and patterns, it also provides a higher sense of comfort. The floor mat takes center stage in every room, and the softness that extends from wall to wall speaks for itself. Perhaps many people are afraid of laying down the floor carpet, even though it does not cause any particular problem. Some special tools are required for it and we can see it already.
You can choose from several floor mats in our offer. We have many colors, patterns and materials in our warehouse, which we can even send immediately. The floor mats width can usually be between 2 and 4 meters.

Long and short shaggy floor mats, looped bouclé floor mats, highway kids floor mats, plain and colorful patterned floor mats are also available for everyone. We know that the needs are different, and we want to favor everyone, no matter what plan you want to implement in the interior design. Our floor rugs will enchant every square meter of the room, and they will sweep you off your feet along with it. A thin, strong, durable floor mat is also suitable for offices.

Traditional pattern, yet fashionable floor rug.

This is a practical floor rug with a shorter fiber length. You will feel good when you go through it. You can find this type of carpet in solid colors and patterns, in brighter and pastel colors. It does not require any special maintenance either, general cleaning can be done by vacuuming.

Shaggy floor mat.

A rich and soft, long-pile floor mat that feels very pleasant to walk on with bare feet. It's like your soles are being caressed. As the floor mat is pleasantly thick, it will provide warmth in the room. It can also be placed in a child's room, as it is easy to keep clean. Your child can play without forgetting on the Shaggy floor mat. The children's floor mat the comfort-enhancing warm covering for every children's room.

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