Floor lamp

A special, rustic, fairy-tale standing lamp, which is almost antique can be considered.

Retro floor lamp with a solid wood body, 180 cm high stand, with a strong, warm light, huge and beautiful fairy-tale hood.

You can place the floor lamp wherever you want, because it is one of the most mobile lamp types. can be used for reading and is also very functional as a mood light. You can express your style and individuality with it, and such a special, unique retro floor lamp will bring a captivating atmosphere to your home.

The wood our stationary floor lamps, with their yellow shades, flood the apartment with warm light, thus a very soothing milieu surrounds you when you switch it on. preferably.


Floor lamp - a bit retro.

You might think that the floor lamp is already out of fashion due to today's modern light sources. But this is not the case with these floor lamps, as they are considered eternal classics with their unique appearance.

It fits very well in almost any style of room, as wood never goes out of fashion and can be combined very well. Our floor lamps are the same in style, but differ in color. This way you can choose which one suits your home best. A pleasant dark brown floor lamp with a yellow or cream shade looks very good in a room with a lighter color scheme. Brown and yellow harmonize very well with each other. This pleasant harmony is also evident in the interior, as they did not leave it in one color, but made it crazy with a little dark brown decoration.

With the floor lamp, you can supplement the light provided by the chandelier or other lighting as needed. lighting, if you find it insufficient. But if you just want a little romantic atmosphere, then turning this on will give you a pleasant light. If you want to set it in a reading corner, don't hesitate, as the floor lamp provides enough light so that you can read your favorite book in peace near it. Thus, if other people are in the room, they will not be disturbed by the light provided by the standing lamp. These floor lamps stylishly combine retro, timeless classics and modern looks. Due to the leg design of the floor lamp, it will stand stably and will not take up much space. So I strongly recommend it for smaller spaces as well.