Floor coverings

Floor covering, vinyl floor, if you need a modern and fast solution to renew the floor, or to create a new floor.

Vinyl flooring cannot be compared to the linoleum flooring of old. This second-generation Vinyl floor is much more solid and hard, and its workmanship is lifelike and rich in detail. You can find such beautiful patterns as patchwork tiles or parquet, but also lifelike copies of laminated wooden floors.

The Vinyl floor can also be the perfect warm covering for the most modern homes. Stylish and modern colors, gray, brown, oak, etc. is in our offer. Everyone can find the style of their dreams among them.

Our vinyl floors can be ordered in 2 m wide and 4 m wide rolls, or

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A modern floor covering that can be installed incredibly quickly. This is the vinyl.

Our floor covering types also include roll vinyl flooring and so-called module vinyl flooring. The environmental protection classification of the European (Belgian) produced vinyl floors is impeccable, so we recommend it wholeheartedly. We also have good news for environmentalists: vinyl floors are 100% recyclable, and many of them are made from recycled materials.

The material of the Vinyl floor is LVT (Luxuty Vinyl Tile). PVC, which is very resistant and has good abrasion resistance.

The abrasion resistance of the high-quality LVT Vinyl tiles is 33, 34, and the residential Vinyl floor is 31, 32. The vinyl floor structure has several layers. There is also a so-called "wear layer" above the pattern, so the surface of the floor does not wear out even during many years of use. This wearing layer is a polyurethane coated material, which also makes our floor covering easy to clean.

What is the difference between roll vinyl and module vinyl?

Unpacking and unloading. The module vinyl floor requires a laying method similar to the laminate floor, and the roll vinyl is available in 2 and 4 meter wide rolls, which must be spread on the floor.

< p>The vinyl floor covering is waterproof, which makes it a very beneficial feature. In this way, practically any room can be covered with it.

The vinyl floors can have many different patterns and colors, so everyone can find the most ideal one for them. Among our selection of LVT floors, we also offer quality floor coverings for children's rooms, elegant offices, study rooms, warm, homely living rooms and communal rooms and corridors. The wood pattern is a real classic, the vintage tile pattern, and the parquet patterned vinyl floor covering strong> is also popular.

The vinyl flooring is more gentle on the joints than, for example, a cold tile walking surface.

The softer the floor is in old age, the more gentle it is on bones and joints. Of course, vinyl warm covering is also recommended for children.

Its versatility also includes the fact that it can also be used in wet rooms. A tile-patterned vinyl is perfect for the bathroom, but if you want an even more natural style, you can also choose a lvt floor with a wood pattern. There are also modern patterns, such as abstract. And for the kitchen, a vintage tile pattern with an Italian pattern creates a real rural atmosphere.

For the bedroom, we recommend the parquet pattern vinyl floor, which, for example, does not creak like the real wooden parquet.

With the lvt (luxury vinyl tile) covering, we can also play with improving the features of the space.

For example, by covering a small room with a light color, we enlarge the space. With vinyl floors of different patterns, we can nicely separate different spaces and rooms. In the case of a single-space living room-kitchen or fbathroom-laundry, two different lvt vinyl floor coverings nicely separate the two different spaces.

Choose the most beautiful vinyl floor that could make your home more beautiful.

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