Vinyl floor - Waterproof floor

The vinyl floor is a resistant floor covering that combines the beauty and practicality of the modern age.

In the vinyl flooring category, we can find two types:

  1. Roll vinyl flooring
  2. LVT module vinyl flooring

The vinyl floor is waterproof, so it can be placed in any room of the apartment, even in the bathroom. One thing to pay attention to is that the substrate must be completely even. Therefore, before laying down the vinyl floor, the base on which it will be placed must be properly designed. When placed on a smooth surface, however, we get a perfect end result in return.

Laying vinyl flooring is very easy. Both roll vinyl and module vinyl require gluing, no other extra tasks await us when we wrap.


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Arguments in favor of vinyl flooring:

  • Quick installation
  • The soft surface is quiet, so the sound of shoes and soles not audible.
  • Naturally. Due to its demanding processing, for example, the wood-patterned vinyl floor is completely lifelike. The tile-stone pattern also sounds like real stone. They are therefore really impressive in appearance.
  • Gives carefree, good abrasion resistance. We can almost say that it requires no maintenance. They withstand the vicissitudes of everyday life and the hectic lifestyle.
  • 100% waterproof.

Vinyl flooring is strong, resistant, comfortable and quiet.

We can achieve a completely natural overall effect with wood-patterned vinyl floors, patchwork or vintage patterns vinyl floors give off an amazing atmosphere. The stone effect vinyl floor will take you all the way to Tuscany in your dreams.

Our offer includes elegant, luxury, friendly and warm atmosphere vinyl floors are also available. What's more, highway vinyl flooring is also available for children. Imagine the children's room with it. A waterproof, quiet, footfall-reducing floor covering on which your child can even play and let his imagination run wild. It can also be used for underfloor heating. Easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner or a mop.

Our vinyl floor range includes the traditional parquet pattern as well as the tile pattern, but the charming Italian vintage or patchwork pattern too. Among the different vinyl floor styles, everyone is sure to find the perfect color and pattern that fits their home.

Living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, corridor, hall, balcony, terrace. vinyl flooring is extremely versatile. Natural warm colors, perhaps stylish gray, colorful, bohemian. We have tried to put together a collection that you will definitely fall in love with.

Residential PVC (poly-vinyl-chloride) roll vinyl flooring cut to size , customized size can be ordered according to needs.

Roll vinyl floor and click (snap) vinyl floor are also available.

Renew your stairs with quality vinyl floor or cover your new stairs with it. It can be used to create a perfectly homely, familiar and harmonious atmosphere. The vinyl floor is easy to cut to size, durable, easy to clean and, of course, looks beautiful on the stairs. Proper gluing results in a durable and comfortable covering on the stairs as well.

Get inspired with us, plan the home of your dreams and let's make it happen together.

Vinyl floor distribution and vinyl floor installation.

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