Flannel bedding

Flannel bedding, not just for winter nights!

Flannel bedding does not not only its beauty, but also its warmth and tenderness overwhelms you when you wrap yourself in it. Flannel bedding can be 100% cotton or 80% cotton and 20% polyester. Densely woven, very thick, so we don't get cold under it, its heat retention is very good.

A real treasure on cool autumn and winter evenings.

Beautiful colors. Whether you're looking for a lively or understated style, you'll find it here. A 3-piece single bed cover and a 7-piece double bed cover set made of flannel material are also available. To select them, simply use the filter, where you can also narrow down the desired color and pattern. Check out the 200 x 220 cm flannel bed covers with double duvet covers if you and your partner like to sleep under a blanket.

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Dreams are sweeter with a flannel bed cover set!

The ever-renewing and constantly updated range of soft flannel bed covers will amaze you whether you want to buy bed linen in spring or winter. Anyone who has not yet tried the comfortable, soft, caring touch of a thick flannel bed cover, which warms the body and heart, should definitely do so! This type of thick, warm bedding is a real treasure for those who can get cold even in summer and pull two blankets over themselves in the evening. For them, we definitely recommend getting a flannel bed sheet.

Flannel bed sheets are made of mixed fiber cotton material or 100% cotton material.

In the online store Dizon-home.com you can find more and more beautiful patterns with flannel bed covers, in a large selection. Flannel is a weaving process made of thick, fluffy, fluffy cotton fibers. It is much stronger and thicker than a traditional cotton bed cover, and therefore much warmer. You don't have to worry about it when it comes to washing it, because it doesn't require any special treatment. It should be washed in the same way as cotton, crepe, or any bed cover: inside out, buttoned, zipped, at 30-40 degrees Celsius. It dries quickly after washing, if you wash it in the morning, you can put it on the quilt or pillow in the evening and go to sleep again in fresh, fragrant, soft, warm flannel bedding. In summer, in addition to using the air conditioner, sleepers also like warm flannel bedding.

In the past, anything made of flannel material was unaffordable for ordinary people. it was expensive. Today, however, in the comfortable modern age, everything is just at your fingertips. The flannel bed cover set is also like this. We offer budget-friendly bedding sets available for every household.
The flannel bed cover is a real salvation for those who are very cold during the cold seasons of winter. Underneath, you will surely have a pleasant sleep with a hypnotic climate. However, we don't only buy flannel bedding in winter. In summer, in addition to using the air conditioner, sleepers also really like this soft, tickling flannel bed sheet.

Flannel bed sheets can be matched with their sets:

  • 3-piece, single flannel bedding: for a single bed. 1 duvet cover (140 x 200 cm) | 1 large pillow cover (70 x 90 cm) | 1 small pillowcase (40 x 50 cm)
  • 7-piece flannel bedding set: for a double bed. 2 duvet covers (140 x 200 cm) | 2 large pillow covers (70 x 90 cm) | 2 small pillow covers (40 x 50 cm) | 1 sheet (200 x 220 cm)
  • 6-part standard: 2 duvet covers (140 x 200 cm ) | 2 large pillow covers (70 x 90 cm) | 2 small pillow covers (40 x 50 cm)
  • 6-piece double-large duvet cover: 1 large duvet cover ( 200 x 220 cm) | 2 large pillow covers (70 x 90 cm) | 2 small pillow covers (40 x 50 cm) | 1 sheet (200 x 240 cm)

The flannel bed cover among a large selection of colors, patterns and styles everyone will find something that fits their bedroom perfectly. We have beautiful, quality flannel bed covers for women, men and children. Choose a quality bed sheet.

A beautiful and warm, two-person flannel bedding will sweeten every evening. The cotton flannel bedding material is fluffy and can be a favorite of both adults and children. Flannel small pillow cover 40x50 cm also brings wonderful dreams to the little ones, together with the thick duvet cover.

Quality flannel bedding is not only for the cold winter and autumn months useful home textile. In the summer, the air cools down at dawn next to the open window, so it's worth entrusting yourself to the embrace of a silky flannel bed sheet.

We wish everyone a pleasant bed cover purchase!