Disney Plaid

Disney children's blankets for little girls and boys!

90 x 120 cm | 100 x 150 cm | 95 x 140 cm | Our friendly, sweet fleece children's blankets with your favorite Disney characters are available in sizes 120 x 140 cm. Our children are soothed when they have a fluffy, delicate little blanket next to them, which, when spread over them, they easily fall asleep.
The quality polyester and fleece Disney children's blanket is a good choice if we want to treat our children to something small. It feels warm, soft, and delicious to cover yourself with at home, but you can take it with you anywhere, and definitely keep one in the car, because you can use it at any time.


Children's blanket with a Disney fairy tale pattern, which gives comfort and safety to our children.

More sizes, more patterns, same quality. Special prices and continuous novelties await you in the DIZON-home.com web store. The fluffy soft Disney blankets and blankets are good for our children. We offer a large selection of these cute little Disney plaids for little girls and boys. Decorate the children's room with a beautiful children's blanket, which you can also cover the bed with which every little kid loves.

A Paw Paw plaid would surely give them great pleasure. It feels good to wrap up in their soft material when they are cold. It's also good to hide under after the evening bath, but it's also good to always have a little Disney blanket like this in the car. Thanks to its small size, you can take it with you anywhere, it even fits in a larger women's bag. Paw Patrol, Princesses, Spider-Man and the new little friends regularly arrive at the DIZON-home.com web store to bring joy to children.

A quality children's blanket and blanket will always ensure that your child does not catch a cold.

The Disney children's blanket that after washing it dries quickly, is colorfast and always soft.

A good choice for trips too, if you want to be prepared for everything. The children know that they would take half the room with them if they could, including all the toys, but a soft Disney blanket might be enough.