Decorative pillow, Decorative pillowcase

Decorative pillow, decorative pillow cover for holidays and weekdays.

Premium quality Italian decorative pillows large in selection. Made with machine tapestry weaving, the cotton-polyester-acrylicdecorative pillow cover and inner pillow are beautifully crafted, elegant home textiles.
I. first-class quality, made from Italian materials and with Italian precision.

Enhance the atmosphere of the living room with a beautiful decorative pillow, or it also looks good in the bedroom, on your bed covered with a blanket.

Looking for a special gift ?

A beautiful, unique decorative pillow is a good choice.

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Quality, Italian decorative cushions and decorative cushion covers for all occasions.

If you want to create an intimate atmosphere, get beautiful exclusive decorative pillows.

Decorative pillow and back pillow with cute little patterns and decorations, with motives. Italian-made decorative cushion cover with zipper closure, with Hungarian-made filling cushion, pillow inner. The material of the decorative pillow cover is a mixture of cotton, acrylic and polyester, which is a high-quality, machine-washable, quality material.

Modern decorative pillows for adults and children.

Our online store's current decorative pillow collection is 40 x 40 cm, but it is constantly expanding due to current trends and holidays. Designs with a unique atmosphere, decorative pillows with horses, decorative pillows with dogs, decorative pillows with cats, decorative pillows with Christmas decorations, decorative pillows with owls, etc. The modern throw pillow is made of quality material.

The cover of the throw pillow has a nicely sewn zipper and closes with it. The front side of the pillow is patterned and the back side is natural beige. The decorative pillow cover can be washed in a washing machine at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, inside out and zipped up. Do not put it in the dryer.

A decorative pillow is a simple solution to brighten up your home.

We can place it on the sofa, in the bedroom, in the hall, in the guest room and anywhere we would like to brighten up the atmosphere. Dog, cat, Christmas, horse, owl, giraffe, etc. decorative pillow with continuous sales.

It gives the room a fresh look with its softness and kindness. Decorative pillows with a beige shade look great in any style. You can choose from many cute decorative pillows, women, men, children and adults alike will find something they will love. A green decorative pillow also brightens up the hall, living room and bedroom.

Decorative pillows with machine tapestry material, removable, zippered decorative pillow cover.

All decorative pillows are of good quality, which you can't resist, they are made with such lovely patterns. Decorative pillows with small animals, dogs, or cats decorative pillows not only bring a smile to children's faces, but adults also like to look at them. They can also be used as sofa and armchair decorative pillows, but they also create order when placed on the bed after the bedding has been embedded. The 40x40 cm size is perfect for placing anywhere in our home.

Order any of them for yourself or as a gift. It can be a heartfelt and unique gift.

Order online, safely. Take advantage of the 14-day exchange guarantee.


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