A beautiful curtain will take you off your feet and soften your heart.

Our curtains are ready-made, so all you have to do is clip them onto the curtain curtain rod.

We know 3 main types of curtains:

  • blackout curtain
  • organza curtain
  • jacquard curtain

I don't need to introduce the blackout curtain. These blackout curtains do not let the sparkling sunlight in when we want to relax. The blackout curtain also has an insulating effect. It cools the apartment in the summer and heats it in the winter.

The organza curtain is a type of light-transmitting, decorative curtain made of thin, shiny material.

The jacquard curtain is also translucent, but less decorative and the material is not shiny, but rather lace-like, traditional.


One of the spectacular decorative elements of the room is the curtain.

If you would like to make your apartment or house more friendly and homely, curtains are the right choice. The curtain is a pleasant decorative element of the room. In our online store's selection of curtains, you can find the right one for your home, which also expresses your individuality. First of all, you need to consider what type of curtain/curtains you want. You can choose from our jacquard, organza and blackout curtains. Each one will delight you with a different function and appearance.

What makes our apartment homey? Mainly from home accessories and home textiles. And one of our best-known and most loved home textiles is the curtain.

Curtains give the main atmosphere of our home, it creates perfect harmony in the home.

The classic and most traditional type of curtain is irreplaceable in home furnishing home textiles. from his circle. This beautiful, light-transmitting jacquard curtain with a lace-like material is named after Joseph Marie Jacquard, whose loom made these curtains for the first time.

The jacquard curtains are characterized by a decorative pattern and large size.

Fortunately, it is made of material that does not need to be ironed. In this way, it will not only look good, but also save time when washing it. During the day, it lets the light through, but excludes prying eyes.

The organza curtains are also translucent.

You can choose a pattern on a white background or a colored one. It is advisable to choose our curtains in such a way that they match the color scheme of the room, but do not blend into it. If the room is smaller, it is advisable to choose a single-colored, lighter curtain, because it enlarges the space.

A blackout curtain greatly enhances the design of our home. blackout curtains are not only beautiful, but also practical. We can exclude early morning sunlight, so you don't have to wake up earlier than necessary, even in summer. In our offer you will find a blackout curtain that can stand on its own. But you can also find them in sets. The sets include 2 blackout curtains, the corresponding drapery, ties and tassels.

You can also order a curtain from our webshop. It can be found in our home textiles - curtains - cornices category.
The curtain cornices are available in several colors: oak, cherry, pine, dark brown, white, etc. Wooden curtain holders are classic elements of rustic style. They can be ordered in different lengths, in single-row and double-row versions.

Curtains in a large selection, in beautiful colors.

We have curtains that have a curtain tie accessory. This is primarily the privilege of the blackout curtain, as this type must be drawn in the morning to allow the sun to shine in.

The ready-made curtain is a quick solution if you need curtains. All sides are sewn, and even some of the bottoms have lead cords sewn into them. A ready-made curtain has a drawcord, you just have to put it on the curtain holder.

How spectacular or restrained the material and color of the chosen curtain will be depends only on us and our taste. Take home the most beautiful!

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