Crystal glass

Crystal glass, crystal vase, crystal bowl for exclusive hospitality.

Choose from our online store our beautiful polished crystal glass sets of which we pack carefully and safely so that they arrive to you intact and undamaged. Polished crystal glasses for wine, whiskey, champagne, cognac, brandy and soft drinks, all in one place.

Polished crystal glasses add chic elegance to any festive gathering.

Set of 6 crystal glasses for all drinks. Thick, high-quality and elegant glasses that can elevate the glory of gatherings. We deserve the most beautiful and the most delicious drinks are accompanied by beautiful, seductive accessories. Serving should not be sloppy, but we must give our guests due attention every time. May every holiday be perfect!

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Elegant crystal glass not only for festive gatherings.

An elegant crystal glass sets the mood for gatherings. It doesn't matter if it's family or friend chats, or just a romantic evening together with your loved one. When two crystal glasses collide, a unique and special sound is heard. In our online store, you can choose from a variety of crystal glasses, which one will raise the standard of gatherings. Don't worry if you don't drink wine, because our crystal glasses don't only include white and red wine glasses. The clinking of two glasses always means a joyful occasion. Why should it matter what the standard of the holiday is?

There are brandy glasses, whishy glasses, soda glasses, cognac glasses, and champagne glasses.

You can buy the crystal glasses in sets, which contain 6 shiny and specially processed, decorated glasses. It is advisable to purchase a set of each type, as this way we can dazzle our guests with a special crystal glass for a casual or festive dinner. Choose tableware and plate set a beautiful, elegant type from our range.

From the soda crystal glass to the whiskeys glass to the champagne you can find crystal glasses up to glasses. So if someone doesn't drink alcohol, you can also offer them the soft drink in an elegantly sparkling crystal glass. Crystal glasses have a characteristic, yet unique and universally recognizable ring when carefully clinked together. Crystal glasses become the decoration of the table at any event, so there is no need to "over-decorate" the laid table. The perfect kitchen accessories also include glasses, for which it is important to always be able to find a set suitable for the occasion and the drinks. For example, we can't pour the short drink into a crystal champagne glass and the wine into a water or soda glass.

The elegant crystal glass is perfect as a gift, or even as a wedding present. It is certain that the young couple will not be offended if you surprise them with a special crystal glass :)