Cotton bed linen

Cotton bed cover sets always at good prices!

Comfortable cotton bed cover sets for women, men and children, in all styles. We offer comfortable,
quality, fluffy, strong and, by the way, beautiful bed linen. A lot of patterns, a lot of
color combinations, a lot of different designs, for every style.

Single bed cover and double bed cover sets also available in a huge selection.

Which bedding do you want?

The most popular are the 3-part bedspread and the 7-part bedspread, but the double
duvet bed cover is also highly salable. In terms of their material, we also
know nothing impossible: crepe bed linen, satin bed linen, and of course flannel bed linen
are also popular.

It is also a perfect choice as a gift. We wish you sweet dreams!

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Sleep is comfortable and relaxing in the embrace of a cotton bedding set!

The cotton bed cover is really popular. The cotton material is made from the natural cotton plant. The end result is a soft, comfortable, skin-friendly textile, which will become a perfect quality cotton bed cover set on the beds in the bedrooms. The double, cotton version of the 3-piece single, 6-piece and 7-piece bedding set is a good choice for everyone.

What do we offer in the web store?

Among other things, continuous novelties, favorable prices, renewable promotions, friendly and helpful customer service, safe ordering and fast delivery.

The cotton bedding sets offered in the online store are available in 3-piece, also in a normal 6-piece, 6-piece, 7-piece cotton bedding set and a 2-piece, children's bedding set. There are currently two types of material composition. We have 100% cotton and mixed fiber cotton (80% cotton and 20% polyester) bed covers in the cotton category.

The cotton bed cover sets, most of them have button closures, but there are zipper is. Both have their advantages, their choice depends on individual needs. bed linen with buttons, for example, can be quickly repaired if a button comes loose. The zippered bed cover, if the zipper comes undone, requires more dexterity to sew it back neatly. The zipper bed cover can be pulled out with one movement and results in a quick change of bed linen.

What are the characteristics of quality cotton bed covers?

Our cotton bed covers are mostly made of mixed fibers (80% cotton, 20% polyester). Compared to 100% cotton, this results in a bed cover material that is more durable, more durable, easier to handle, and less wrinkled. Easy to wash at 30-40 degrees Celsius, colorfast, quick drying. The pleasant, skin-friendly cotton bed cover is a good choice for anyone looking for sophisticated and high-quality home textiles for the bedroom. Cotton bed covers with buttons, zippers and hidden closures.

We have a wide range of cotton bed covers in different colors, patterns and styles. Everyone can find their favorite bedding in the web store. Solid, clean, minimalist pattern, extravagant, flower pattern, animal pattern, striped, polka dot, checkered, heart shaped, car, motorcycle, Christmas, spring and many more fashionable, or you can choose between a bed cover with a classic pattern.

Washing the cotton bed cover:

Even with buttons , even if we have chosen a zippered bed cover, wash it inside out, buttoned and zipped up. The washing temperature should be 30-40 degrees Celsius, but follow the instructions on the sewn-in label. The cotton bed cover sets dry quickly, without creasing.

Which bedding set should you choose?

  • The 3-piece cotton bed cover set is recommended for those who sleep alone, as it is a set for one person. Bed linen cover 140x200 cm with duvet cover.
  • We recommend the 7-part cotton bed cover set , if two of you sleep on the same bed, or if you sleep alone, but you still want a change of bed linen, since it consists of 2 sets.
  • The 6-piece standard bed cover 200x220 cm set if you use rubber sheets, because this set does not contain sheets. Choose the 6-piece large duvet cover set if two of you sleep under one blanket. This set has a single, huge duvet cover with a cover for a large, two-person blanket.

We wish everyone a happy cotton bedding set selection and purchase!