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The classic carpet has come to the fore again!

The beautiful classic carpets endeared themselves to us with their quality material and cozy, decorative motif. We also offer Belgian, Egyptian and Turkish classic carpets for lovers of these beautiful home textiles. From small to large sizes, everyone can find a beautiful, classic rug that matches the style of their home. They are of high quality, and in terms of price-value ratio, they are the best choice for those who like oriental-style, elegant, richly elaborated, ornate motif carpets.

Discover classic carpets and arrange them buy the home of your dreams with us!

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The classic carpet is perfect for the cosiness of our apartment.

The classic carpet concept is not the same as old or old-fashioned. The classicity of these carpets means that we do not discover bright colors on them, but are characterized by a more restrained color scheme. In our online store, you can choose the one that best fits your home from among several types of classic carpets. Some have fringed edges, some don't, but what they have in common is that the classic framing can be found on almost all of them. Choosing the right classic carpet depends only on your taste, your need for comfort and the size of the room. In's range of classic carpets, you can choose the ideal carpet from several sizes, which will decorate your home for a long time.

Popular color for classic carpets beige, brown and burgundy.

These are all elegant, delicate and, if necessary, romantic. It all depends on the overall picture. You can decorate your apartment beautifully to match your style with the help of our classic carpets. The harmonious combination of furniture, wallpaper, floors, and home decorations creates a homely atmosphere. It can also be a beautiful, tasteful, high-quality classic carpet modern carpet.

The classic carpet is especially important to choose the furniture, wall colors, floor coverings and other accessories well. This will give you a perfect overall look in your home. The classic carpets come in different thicknesses, but no matter which one you like, you can be sure that you will have a pleasant experience when you step on it.

Some of them have a softer tread, but all are thick enough for a self-indulgent family or friend board game. Your sole sinks into the soft classic carpet. The classic carpets in our range are made of quality material, and you can enjoy their softness under your feet for a long time. The cotton, chenille, polypropylene or viscose material you are looking for in the form of a classic carpet can be found in our online store. Use the filter to search, which you can use to simplify the carpets according to color, pattern, material and fiber length.

Choose from our large selection and the many sizes, among which you will find the perfect carpet for every room. A large classic rug for a living room, bedroom, or guest room? Find the real one!