Children's floor mat

Children's floor mat, a fabulous warm covering for children's rooms.

Cheerful, it brings a pleasant atmosphere to the children's room, and also creates a comfortable and healthy environment. Our offer also includes children's floor rugs suitable for girls' rooms and boys' rooms.
Motorway floor mat, butterfly floor mat, ballerina or princess floor mat is what you want, you can easily and quickly order it from the online store.

The children's floor mat can be ordered in a 4 m wide roll. What's more, we can also send double-sided floor mat adhesive tape or buckets of floor mat adhesive. Call us on +36305092418 and we'll be happy to help you with any questions you may have about children's carpet covering.

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A cheerful, colorful, patterned children's floor rug is a good choice for a children's room.

You are thinking about , how could you make your child's room warmer and friendlier? Of course, all this in style, design and cost-effectiveness? Then the children's floor mat can be a great choice for you. The floor mats are thick enough for your child to have a self-indulgent game if they want to play on it. You won't catch a cold on the kids room floor rug. Children's floor mats are not only thick, but also pleasant to the touch. Your child's little feet will be happy with every step on these. The polypropylene material of the thin-threaded, yet densely woven children's floor mat is easy to clean and has good wear-resistant properties. Both children and parents benefit from a quality floor mat.

Great children's floor mats for both girls and boys.

Little boys especially love the highway. floor mats, as this is a great track for car races, in which you can also involve siblings and parents. But they can even roam the green forest with the help of the children's floor rug with a forest pattern. They can even tell a story or a fairy tale to this floor mat, which will develop their imagination. For little girls, I recommend the children's floor rug with fun patterns. The pleasantly girly pink base is made cheerful by butterflies or ballerinas. But even to this day, you can meet the characters of popular fairy tales on one of the children's rugs, and this is none other than Maya the bee.

The rug you can even fix it in place by gluing it. It can be cleaned simply by vacuuming. Every game will be a joy on these children's floor mats.