Cast iron pot

Cast iron pot, cast iron pan, cast iron legs and pot coasters!

The cast iron pans are heat-resistant up to 280°C, so they can be used in the oven as well. Due to the cast iron material, it makes absolutely amazing, succulent-tasting food. An excellent heat-retainer, deliciously soft meats are roasted under the lid, cooked in it, even whole. just what you need to shine in the kitchen.

The cast iron pots can also be used on an induction hob. A quality cast iron pot has an almost eternal life, so you only need to buy it once.


There are also quality differences between cast iron cookware. Lava has been producing top quality for decades, so the cookware you buy from us is reliable and has an almost eternal life. How can quality be recognized? The hallmark of a really good cast iron pan, frying pan, baking dish is that it is heavy.

Cast iron pans are suitable for preparing all kinds of food:

Soups, meats, one-dish dishes, steaks, roasts, breads, cakes, pasta, etc. Scrambled eggs, stuffed cabbage? In a cast iron pan, you will experience such flavors that you will lick all 10 fingers.

Our cast iron pans are compatible with all kinds of heat sources: induction hob, oven, oven. They are heat-resistant up to 280°C, so you don't have to worry about damaging them, it's almost impossible. However, you have to be careful of caustic, scratchy spoons.

It is forbidden to use cast iron pots in a microwave oven!

You should know that cast iron pots heat up more slowly than traditional thin-walled pots. But then it is highly heat resistant, all its surfaces absorb the heat. As a result of use, there is no need to be alarmed if the pot starts to turn black, but if rust appears on it, that is not a good sign. Do not treat the remains of burnt-on food with scrubbing agents, but rub them with coarse salt using a paper towel. This way the surface will not be damaged. Does this method not help? Then boil water in the pot, it might help.
Stainless steel legs must not be stored in water. It is important to store it dry to avoid rusting.

Cast iron cookware is worth its weight in gold in the kitchen!

It is like wine. It will get better with time. Our grandmothers' dishes of this kind therefore represent an inestimable value. Cast iron pots were used in China as early as the 5th century BC. A great variety of dishes can be prepared in a great pot, from soup to ragout, but even bread is included.

Bread cookies in a cast iron pot?

The cast iron pot turns into an oven as soon as it is put in the oven and reaches the right temperature. The bread will be baked from the inside out and will be better than store-bought. If we learn to use it well, it will become a real treasure in the kitchen, with which we can also bake bread for the family.

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