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Without a carpet, an apartment is as if it is unfinished. This makes our home cozy, cozy and friendly. The thick, soft discount carpet increases the comfort level of the apartment and our own sense of humor.

What kind of carpet do you want?

The children's carpet, the kitchen rug, the modern and classic living room rug, the floor rug, natural sisal rug, long fiber shaggy rug, office rug, floor mats, running mats, bathroom mats can also be found in exclusive and classic styles. Quality carpets adapted to all styles, in several colors and patterns.


Carpets are part of our life. I don't even know anyone who doesn't have at least one of them in their home. We love its comfort, intimate calm, softness and, of course, the view. At least once in everyone's life, there comes a moment when they are faced with buying a carpet. Then they realize how many types of carpets are available and that it is not so easy to find the perfect carpet. That's what you're preparing for, aren't you? That's why you're here?! Start decorating your home by purchasing a carpet if you want to create a truly cozy home.

Carpet purchase information:

Different spaces, for different carpets they shout. Another type is suitable for the kitchen and another for the bedroom. There are also many types of shoes, it doesn't matter what we have on our feet during a hike or an elegant event, isn't it? The same goes for carpets. There are very cheap carpets and there are those whose prices reach the sky. As a carpet dealer, we know how different the needs are, and we have to maintain a wide range in order to continuously meet all expectations.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you want to buy a carpet?

  • Size does matter.

Did you know that the world's largest carpet is 6000 m2? This is very huge. And its weight, with its 45 tons, is also a record: 15 tons of cotton and 30 tons of wool were needed for its use. Where else could this gigantic carpet be than in the United Arab Emirates, where it has been given a worthy place in the prayer hall of a mosque in Abu Dhabi. A much smaller carpet will be enough for us.

The size of the carpet is one of the most important aspects before buying. We will achieve perfect harmony if we carefully consider the features of our apartment from this point of view. In any case, it is important to pay attention to the proportions. The large modern carpet shrinks the space, if it is too small, then we will achieve a rather small-scale and insignificant effect with it, in certain rooms.

A a small, 50 x 80 cm carpet can already welcome us in the hall when we enter the apartment. It is important that we feel good from the first moment when we get home. A warm and soft hall carpet can already add a lot to this. We take off our shoes in the hall, and when we can step on the carpet right away, it's a very good feeling.

You will need a different size for the living room. We can even choose a huge, huge carpet here, it just depends on the size of the living room. But then, what size carpet should you choose here? Consider the size of the sofa. Don't make it smaller than that, because you would be committing a huge mistake. It is best if it extends by 30-40 cm. The placement of the carpet is up to your taste, but perhaps it is most practical if the edge of the carpet is under the front legs of the sofa.

If you love carpets and comfort , then surely your dining room will not be without this practical, fantastic decorative element. Here, under the dining table, you can place a washable cotton rug that does not have long fibers, or an imposing classic carpet. The size is also important here, as the overall picture will be perfect if all four sides of the carpet are 70-100 cm larger than the table. Of course, if the size and layout of the dining room allows. A kitchen rug with a design pattern can be spread in front of the kitchen counter, which is most perfect if it is under the sole in front of the entire counter. Choose a long, full-sized beautiful piece here, because you will surely spend most of your time in front of the gas stove. Every housewife deserves a nice, soft, comfortable kitchen rug, which is good if it harmonizes in style with the kitchen cabinet and other elements.

One of my personal favorites is the carpet in the wardrobe room, which, based on the feedback and my own opinion, is the long-pile shaggy floor carpet. This is quite modern compared to the classic, thin floor rugs. The wardrobe room should definitely have a wall-to-wall carpet, because our clothes deserve to be beautiful and of the best quality, and we ourselves deserve to be comfortable. In this room, we are almost always barefoot or in socks, and not when we try on our new shoes in front of the mirror. So for this room, it is best if the entire size of the area floor carpet covers.

The bathroom cannot be without a beautiful carpet either. Use a bathroom rug here, which is made of non-slip and washable material. These rugs are soft and thin so that they can dry as soon as possible after a bath. With the non-slip back, you can safely get out of the bathtub or the shower with wet feet, the bathroom rug will not move from under your feet. Fortunately, a large selection of colors is also available in this carpet family, as it does not matter how harmonious the furniture and accessories are in this space either. Size is also important here. The smallest bathroom rug is 50 x 80 cm, and the largest is 70 x 120 cm. If the bathroom is large, we can use several carpets.

The next important room will be the children's room.

A nice, fun and quality children's rug placement. A small carpet in front of the bed is a good choice so that they can step on this soft, warm carpet with their tiny bare feet. A circular, beautifully colored shaggy rug is fantastic for this purpose. Also, place a huge children's rug in the middle of the room. Children love playing on the floor, somersaulting, drawing, coloring, legos and learning. It is also important for them to create their own, comfortable living space. Children's carpets suitable for fairy tales, with fairy-tale figures can be chosen for both little girls and boys.

In the apartment where there is a corridor, or perhaps even a staircase leading to the upper floor, you will certainly need stylish and beautiful, high-quality < i>also on running mats, which add color and turn our home into a warm, comfortable atmosphere. The treadmill in these long spaces, it is both very showy and extremely practical. Be sure to choose a length that runs along the entire corridor. The treadmill is perfect not only in our apartment, but also in high-traffic institutions.

Let's show off! In addition to the size, finding the right color is also an important aspect.

It is not enough to just figure out what style of carpet we want for our home. If we frantically buy every color we like, our apartment will look like a parrot with flapped wings. If you have a bohemian style and want to emphasize this in the furnishing of your apartment, let's also focus on harmony. The home of your dreams can electrify not only your body, but also your soul, or it can calm you down if you do a good job.

Have you ever heard of the bible of interior designers, the color circle? The color wheel consists of 12 colors: 3 primary, 3 secondary and 6 tertiary colors and their shades. These colors will be in the most perfect harmony with each other if one main set is not mixed with the other. The color wheel helps avoid chaos and a messy end result.

Primary colors:

  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Red

Secondary colors:

  • Magenta
  • Orange
  • Green

Tertiary colors:

  • Yellow-green
  • Yellow-orange
  • Red-orange
  • Red-magenta
  • Blue-green

When it comes to colors, we distinguish between cold and warm colors. We like to paint our home primarily with warm colors, especially in those rooms where there are often pleasant conversations. A beautiful warm brown carpet, for example, looks good in the living room and in the bedroom, which lends calmness and stability. Also warm colors are yellow and red. Warm colors such as orange treadmill should be used playfully in long and narrow corridors. With this practice, we can suggest that the corridor is not so long and bleak, but that we are gliding through it with a good feeling.

Colors also have a great impact on our feelings. Red, for example, has an energizing effect and increases the heart rate. A nice big, imposing red carpet can revive you. Green calms you down, yellow cheers you up and makes you optimistic. Yellow also radiates freshness, a yellow carpet is a good choice in the children's room. One of my favorites is the purple color, which lends elegance, luxury, wealth and a little mysticism. Pink, powder, is a downright soothing, sophisticated and feminine, charming color. The color blue reduces appetite, do not use it in the kitchen. Black is a very extreme color. Some people love it and some people don't even want to hear about it. However, if we combine it well with other colors, it can be very elegant and accentuated.

If we use the color scale and colors well, we will have an extremely harmonious and clean home.

The material and fiber length of the carpet should also not be neglected. neither!

In the living room, where we spend a lot of time and the small and large members of the family run up and down in this space, it is worth buying a comfortable but easy-to-clean carpet. The shaggy carpet, however, should not be a problem if it is vacuumed at least once a week.

In the bedroom, where although we do not spend too much time, we often do so with bare feet, an extra carpet provides us with amazing sensations every time we step on it. For example, a woolen carpet can be majestic in the bedroom.

The children's room no longer wants a soft and thick carpet, but a short one, due to unexpected accidents.

The same can be said about the kitchen, where, moreover, it is better if it is specially washable we are getting a kitchen rug.

There is also a tiny, but all the more important and essential small rug, which nothing more than a doormat. The doormats wait for us and our guests before the entrance and make sure that we can be the owners of a hygienic, clean apartment. The mats are mostly made of coconut, rubber or polyester and approx. They are 40 x 60 cm in size. You can find very beautiful, stylish, fun and tasteful items if you are looking for doormats.
The office carpet category.

Creating a home it's an extremely wonderful, feel-good thing. To give our family a peaceful, loving environment where they can be happy and forget about themselves. We can furnish a beautiful, warm home with beautiful accessories and home decoration elements. You don't have to be an interior decorator, you just need a little pre-planning to create a harmonious environment, whatever style you have imagined for your life. Minimalist, classic, Mediterranean, rustic or retro, dress up your home in its most beautiful clothes with beautiful, high-quality carpets.

Today, the most popular and best-selling carpet in the online store is the gray carpet. We also have a lot of these in our offer, in several sizes. From small bedding rugs to very large rugs. The polypropylene carpet and the polyamide carpet, but also the most exclusive Egyptian carpet, lie at your feet. Live your everyday life in the company of the softest, most beautiful carpets with the help of the carpet webshop.

You too can be the king of carpets!