Boxspring bed

The boxspring bed is at the top of the premium category beds and is one of the most stable bed systems.

The price reflects its quality and durability, it withstands even for the highest load. Provides more relaxing sleep than traditional beds. A separate mattress can be selected for the bed frames, from a wide range of sizes.

Bed body
Head end

Why is a box spring bed more comfortable and beneficial than a traditional bed frame with a bed frame?

The boxspring bed appeared in the United States in the late 1800s. In the 20th century, it made its way in Europe as well, as it is a very stable, massive bed that enabled/does a comfortable and relaxing sleep for many people.

Besides being really attractive, the boxspring bed, gives your bedroom a designer and trendy look and provides royal comfort. Due to the design of the box spring bed, it provides excellent support for the mattress. Thus ensuring even greater comfort for its users. It works almost like a shock absorber.

The boxspring bed is the bed with the most stable structure, which can withstand even heavier loads. The mattresses are higher than in traditional bed frames, so landing will be easier.

In addition to all this, it is even safer than a "traditional" bed frame with bed rails. There is nothing to break or tear in this, as with the bed frame. Here, the spring system on which the mattress is located is integrated into the bed frame. If the size of the boxspring bed allows, you can use it with two separate mattresses of the same height but different hardness.

Its appearance is more elegant than that of its traditional bedmates, as the boxspring headboard and the cover surrounding the bed make its appearance exclusive.