Blackout drapes / curtains

Blackout curtains in a set of 2.

The blackout curtain is made of thick material, which does not allow the morning sunlight to pass through and does not allow it to see into our apartment at night. In summer, we can keep away the heat of the scorching sun, and in winter, it insulates against the cold. Choose from our beautiful colors, where you can also find a ready-made type.

We offer the blackout curtains in a set of 2: 2 blackout curtains 150 cm wide and 250 cm high belong to one package .

A beautiful blackout curtain gives our home a fairy-like atmosphere, it completes the milieu.

A blackout curtain set is also available, which is sent with drapery, tassels and ports. This blackout curtain set includes: 2 blackout curtains, 1 drapery, 2 tassels and 2 ports.


The multi-functional blackout curtain.

The blackout curtain can be used not only for darkening. When it is not used for darkening, it is a very stylish addition to the room. In order to create harmony in the room, it is important to choose the blackout curtains well. In each case, we coordinate the style and color of the blackout curtains with the room's color scheme and furnishings. This is important because the blackout curtain is also decorative. If the overall look of the room is right, it will also change your mood, because everyone feels good in harmony.

The blackout curtain is a stylish, cozy, beautiful and practical choice to boost your home and a for a small renovation.

Blue, green, pink, burgundy, beige, etc. you can choose between beautiful colors if you plan to buy blackout curtains.

The blackout curtains offered in the online store are made of polyester, which is a very good curtain material. After washing, it dries quickly and does not wrinkle. However, do not wash in water warmer than 30-40 degrees Celsius.

If you want the blackout curtain do not allow sunlight and lamp light in, then choose curtains made of denser material. This also prevents the outside from being able to see into private spheres when you have to turn on the lights in the room.

It also holds its own as a decorative element, especially if it is combined with darkening curtains that match your room. you buy it. All our curtains can be found ready-made in our online store, so they offer an aesthetic view in front of the window. If you don't need the blackout curtain during the day, then pull it out on both sides of the window and you can tie it up stylishly with the port. This way, even the sunlight penetrates your room. In the blackout curtain sets, you will also find the drapery that matches the curtain. This gives your window a kind of frame.

The blackout curtain. So you can enjoy the beauty of your new curtains for a long time.

In the online store, you can buy ready-made blackout curtains in different colors. All blackout curtains will be delivered to you in a ready-made state, which you just need to clip onto the curtain holder cornice. The blackout curtain material is thick polyester, which you can easily choose to beautify your home.

The blackout curtain drapery really lifts the mood.


This translucent curtain and Above the blackout curtain, there is a non-straight strip with the same material and color as the blackout curtain, which wonderfully decorates the blackout. They bring the room to life and are the perfect choice if total darkness is needed.

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