Bedspread that defines the image of the bedroom.

Soft plush, or an elegant quilted or perhaps a decorative bedspread with a flower pattern is the one that is close to your style, you can find them in several sizes in the online store. Beautiful bedspreads and throws that fit perfectly for single beds and large double beds also in 240 x 240 cm sizes.

The cotton double-sided blanket and bedspread perform several functions - care and cover: on the one hand, we protect the bed with it. If we also like to rest on the bed during the day, the fabric of the bed and the bed linen will not get dirty or dusty. Another function of this home textile is covering. If you don't like to sleep in the bed linen rack, the bed cover covers the intimate details.

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Elegant premium bedspread, or floral pattern.

In interior design magazines, always beautifully arranged beds and bed covers they thank us back. You can achieve this effect in your own home with the help of a stylish bedspread and throws. It doesn't matter what size your bed is, as our online store offers bedspreads and cotton double-sided covers from 170 x 240 cm to 240 x 240 cm plaid too. Such a beautiful home textile can hide the bedding and traces of sleep.

A single microfibre blanket or a large bedspread look good with decorative pillows.

You can also find warm plush, lamb-like bedspreads and elegant quilted or flower patterned bedspreads for the bedroom. The bed cover gives style, creates a warm, homely atmosphere in the bedroom. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on the phone number 06305092418 or the e-mail address

Everything you need during sleep, such as your pyjamas, can fit during this time. After a long and tiring day, when you can't wait to go to bed, it will be a good feeling that you don't have to worry about making the bed. You just remove the elegant bedspread and you can hide in the comfortable bed. One-person version or two-person microfiber blanket, if there is a decorative pillow among the bedroom accessories, the milieu is beautiful.

You can cover your bed with a stylish, exclusive bedspread.

It will give your bedroom an elegant look. From our wide selection, you can choose whether the brighter color or the pastel, the solid color or the patterned bedspread fits your room, which reflects your taste well. But choosing your bedspread can also depend on your mood. Curtains are also effective for creating an intimate atmosphere.

Whatever material and appearance you choose for the bedspread, you will not be disappointed, as they are all made of high-quality materials.