The boxspring bed is true bedroom luxury, born for maximum comfort.

Dream in the bedroom, with beautiful furniture ! One of the most comfortable bed types, which is a trademark of elegance and stability. Extra massive frame and construction, perfect quality! Safe, durable solution, as the mattress rests directly on the spring system built into the bed frame. Unique solution: you can choose a separate bed frame, headboard and mattress.


Bed: the furniture that serves a relaxing and comfortable sleep!

The bed is the furniture that is responsible for a pleasant rest. It doesn't matter what kind of bed you lay your head in, because in order to wake up rested, you need a comfortable mattress and, of course, the bed is also important.

In our online store, you can find comfortable and trendy box spring beds and boxspring bed frames that serve your convenience. If you really want to sleep in extra comfortable conditions, choose a bed and a matching mattress from our selection. After all, the mattress itself is worth almost nothing without the right bed, and of course the reverse is also true. You can find our boxspring beds in different sizes, so you can choose the size you need for a comfortable sleep. It is also worth looking through our range of beds, as you can choose from several types and colors.

The box spring bed has been present on the domestic markets for quite some time, as it quickly spread in Europe due to its style and comfort. It is much more durable than the traditional bed frame + bed grid combination, and the heavier weight is not an ordeal. With this type of bed, you don't have to be afraid that you might find yourself on the floor due to a sudden movement, since there is no bed frame that can break. You also lie higher than in a traditional double bed, so it's more comfortable to lie down and get up from it.

Once you try what a comfortable sleep is like, you won't want to sleep anywhere else :)