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Welcome to the DIZON online store, where You can choose from 3-piece bed linen sets, 7-piece bed linen sets and 6-piece bed linens.

The single bed cover has 3 parts. It consists of a 140x200 cm duvet cover, a 70x90 cm large pillow case and a 40x50 cm small pillow case.

The double bed cover can consist of 7-piece or 6-piece sets. The 6-piece 200x220 bed cover is recommended for a double duvet for those who like to sleep under a blanket.

The 7-piece set is also a double bed cover, with 2 duvet covers 140x200 cm, 2 large pillowcases, 2 small pillowcases, 1 sheet.

More hundred beautiful, quality bed cover sets are waiting for you to take home. Let your bedroom be a balanced, relaxing and intimate space, where your inviting bed enchants you every day. Adults, children, young people, and the elderly can also find the perfect bed linen, in which you can dream only beautiful things undisturbed.


A huge selection of bedding sets

3-piece single, 7-piece double, 6-piece large duvet 2-person and 6-piece normal duvet cotton bedding sets in a sea of beautiful patterns and colors. A beautiful and soft set makes the bedroom feel homely and you can choose the one closest to you that can be adapted to your own style. You can choose from many types of bed covers in our online store. Do you want a fast-buttoned, modern zippered or elegant hide and seek? Warm flannel bedding, cooling satin, iron-free crepe or natural cotton bed linen? You can find it here.

Our offer is suitable for everyone, in our online store all ages, women and men can find the perfect, stylish bedding for their bedroom.

    • Thick flannel bedding for the coldest in winter.
    • In summer silky satin bedding cover, which is really cooling and provides you with refreshing pampering.
    • The cotton quilt pillow cover set ensures a restful sleep for all members of the family at any time of the year.
    • Iron-free

Bed cover patterns

We have a range of car, motorcycle, floral, urban, modern, classic, striped, polka dot, heart-shaped, non-patterned and constantly expanding products. We know that there are many different styles of bedrooms, but the DIZON online store has something for every taste. The recently popular 3D bed linen covers you will find what you want among its ideal offer.

Our passion is home textile furnishing, our goal is that all our customers sleep with the most beautiful dreams every night, when you cover yourself in the bedding you bought from us. We work every day to bring satisfaction and peace of mind to every family with our bed covers. We represent the best quality and offer only reliable, selected products.

Flannel bed cover, which is a perfect choice for winter. Satin and crepe bed covers are very good summer home textiles. And the cotton bed cover is comfortable at any time. You can count on us every day of the year.

Use the filter!

If you have a specific idea, you can find the product you are looking for in seconds. You can easily search based on color, pattern, closure, material and set. If you're looking for bargain prices, you've come to the right place. Our online store is full of good prices and cheap products. We provide an affordable offer for everyone.