The bathroom deserves to be equipped with quality and beautiful accessories.

Towels, bathroom rugs, robes and shower curtains are available in the online store can also be found at discount prices.

In addition to bathroom furniture, it is important that bathroom textiles are also pleasant, high-quality and practical. There is also a shower curtain for the shower cabins and the corner bathtub, which completes the bathroom. A bathroom rug is also essential for comfort, but a robe and towel cannot be missing from your perfect bathroom either.

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The bathroom is incomplete without textiles and accessories.

Soft towels, robes, bathroom rugs, shower curtains and other elements are also part of the homely, intimate, comfortable bathroom atmosphere.

If only these little things are missing from your bathroom, everything can be purchased from the online store with free home delivery.

The bathroom is the room in our home where we start the day every morning and end it in the evening. It is important that we have everything in hand. To make the towel in which we towel ourselves soft, to make the bathroom carpet soft and non-slip, so that the shower curtain protects the tiles from splashing water and covers them when we shower. And a soft and fluffy robe gives you a nice feeling when you get out of the bathroom after a tired, fresh shower.

Towels for children and adults.

Our 100% cotton terry towel range offers a wide range of colors and sizes. Towels can be ordered in 50x100 cm, 70x140 cm, or 75x150 cm sizes. The children's towels also have the function of a beach towel, as the fabulous Disney bath towels are absorbent and ideal for beach trips in the summer. green, white, brown, etc. colors are also available. These beautiful colors can also be towels for women, men and children.

Bathroom carpet in an exclusive and cheap version.

  • The bathroom carpet has several functions also provides It increases our level of comfort when we step on it with bare feet from the bathtub or the shower cabin. It feels much better than coming into contact with cold tiles.
  • The bathroom carpet set can be placed in front of the sink, in front of the toilet seat and in front of the bathtub.
  • A beautiful bathroom carpet set creates a pleasant atmosphere if it is beautiful we choose in color. Turquoise, beige, orange, etc. colors can also be found in our online store.
  • The bathroom rug protects you from slipping. Its non-slip back side sticks to the tile and does not slip out from under our feet. Also, the tiles won't get wet and slippery if water hits them.

Robe in snow white color, also for hotels.

A quality terrycloth robe is essential. from every bathroom. We provide sizes from S to 5XL, even in larger quantities, for hotels. Ask for an offer for the best prices.

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