Artificial grass

Order beautiful, high-quality artificial grass from home, conveniently and quickly.

Evergreen, lifelike artificial grass 2 meters wide and in 4 meter wide rolls. Beautiful, true-to-life, high-quality artificial grass in various fiber lengths and types, wherever you want a beautiful view, we can make it happen. We are also available in large quantities, we can provide it immediately from our own stock. Sports fields, kindergartens, hotels, institutions, etc. for its modernization. Blue artificial grass can be ordered under or around the pool from our webshop. Artificial grass accessories, adhesives, joint tapes as well.

Several types of artificial grass, up to 5 cm fiber length, even in several colors.

Artificial grass cover production and construction, with price quote, throughout the country.
We help you choose the optimal paving method with an on-site survey. If necessary, we also carry out soil management as part of the complete construction. Feel free to call us, we are available to our interested parties by phone and e-mail. Our telephone number: +36303375363, Our e-mail address:

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Do you like the sight and feel of beautiful green grass, but do you live in a panel or condominium? Then the artificial grass installation may be the right solution for you.

When you feel the artificial grass available recently, you will no longer have the feeling that it is a work of art. Some artificial grass truly reproduces the feeling and sight of a beautiful green grass area. Artificial grass can look good everywhere. You can also put it on your terrace, balcony, garden, sports field or winter garden. In our offer you will find artificial grasses with different fiber lengths. There are artificial grass carpets that you can order in a specific size, but you can also choose from those that only have a given width. This can be cut to the required size.

With the help of artificial grass, your garden will always be well-kept and cared for, and you won't have to worry about mowing the grass. This saves you time, which you can spend relaxing with your family. You no longer have to worry about the grass seed not growing everywhere, so the overall look of your garden is spoiled by patchy areas without grass.

With the help of artificial grass, you can also create a sophisticated playground for your children. in a home environment. You can sneak the feeling of spring into your winter garden with it. You won't be disappointed when you walk barefoot on artificial grass, as your soles will feel pleasant. Our outdoor artificial grasses are UV resistant and have a natural effect. If you are stuck on a decision, feel free to ask our customer service for help!